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fragmince: The Mechanics and Meaning of That Ol’... - Fresser.
"Have thought about this a lot. The SYN/ACK of an acoustic coupler is like a tattoo that got written on the inside of my head, sometime in the 80s. For me the greatest transition over these 20 years hasn’t been to broadband connectivity, but to persistent connectivity, without that little handshake to say hello, are you with me?"
synack  modems  connectivity  kevinslavin  writing  history 
june 2012 by infovore
tutorials:products:iotp [AdaWiki]
Network connected thermal printer. Bookmarked for future reference.
printer  connectivity  arduino  tutorial 
february 2012 by infovore
Five Billion « Thoughts
"It’s important to note that this number does not reflect either the number of people owning a mobile phone and that the United Nations Millennium Declaration remains a crucial milestone to reach for the mobile industry. However it shows that homes, bridges, cars, laptops and netbooks, white goods, plants, spimes, and other objects have a mobile phone subscription and are likely to become the most important target segment for mobile operators around the world."
mobile  spimes  things  connectivity 
july 2010 by infovore
Gamasutra - News - Breaking: CCP Announces Dust 514 Console MMO At GDC Europe
"In fact, when Dust 514 launches, the map of EVE, currently divined only by player structures owned in the PC game, will also take into account infantry successes and failures within the console game. Players in the PC MMO can "fund mercenaries and give them goals" in the console title." Oh, now that is nice: CCP build a multiplayer game for consoles, and tie it - with data and everything - to the PC MMO, but it's only an indirect link. As a 360 owner without a PC, I shall have to be proud to serve in the mobile infantry.
ccp  mmo  online  eve  games  consoles  multiplayer  connectivity  heinleinian 
august 2009 by infovore
Purse Lip Square Jaw: On mobile cities, Archigram, invisible networks and ubicomp
"The question of responsibility and accountability gets sticky here - especially if we consider that technologies are too often viewed as neutral tools or isolated artefacts. If we draw out these flows, these networks, these interconnections, we find ourselves faced with the possibility of being connected to people/objects/places/activites/ideas that we may never see. And with intimacy always comes risk."
mobile  technology  socialsoftware  ubicomp  networks  connectivity  annegalloway  archigram 
march 2009 by infovore
Lubing the Edges of the Internet - Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect
"...the biggest consequence [of a universal micro-USB adaptor] will be the ease of transferring data/content from street service provider to consumer, and consumer to consumer... There is a place at the edges of the internet where the level of friction makes content and data grind to a halt. It's largely unregulated. And it just got seriously lubed."
mobile  distribution  interface  data  friction  connectivity  phone  standards  edges  microusb  telephony 
february 2009 by infovore
Poken - buy Poken at
"Simply pull out your Poken and ‘high five’ it with your new best friend’s. Clever RF technology then zaps the info between the devices, so next time you log on to your favourite site, your profiles are linked. Genius!" Physical exchange of details, dead cheap, integrated through a web intermediate. Lovely.
hardware  socialnetworking  connectivity  networking  generationc  poken  socialhardware 
january 2009 by infovore
ds brut
"DS brut is an open source hardware prototyping platform for the Nintendo DS, developed by and for electronics enthusiasts, artists and game developers. By connecting the Nintendo DS to the outer world, the game console can be easily hooked up to a variety of sensors (e.g. GPS receivers) and can itself control all different kinds of actuators, servo motors and others."
programming  hacking  hardware  electronics  connectivity  nintendods  ds 
october 2008 by infovore
Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect Little Swtich / Big Switch
"You might argue that an iPhone without connectivity is, well, an iPod, but its not. To state the (obviously overlooked) obvious - it is a phone without connectivity and that over time the ease and evolving practice of disconnecting fundamentally changes our assumptions of what we can expect from a phone, which in turn alters our expectations about the connectivity of other people." Jan Chipchase on pause buttons and understandings of what "social" means. Excellent.
janchipchcase  mobile  phone  connectivity  social  communication  society  essay 
september 2008 by infovore
Nokia - Nokia 7280 Phone Support Nokia Collector
Nokia Collector - supposedly handy generic (not just nokia) Bluetooth OSX app
bluetooth  connectivity  nokia  osx  phone 
november 2004 by infovore

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