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JavaScript Systems Music
Via Phil: a few years' old (though not _much_ has changed in web audio land). Excellent tutorial, though: would love to have time to work through some of these (and perhaps port a few things, notably that Music-For-Airports pastiche, to MIDI.)
audio  javascript  music  ambient  systems  systemsmusic  composition 
september 2019 by infovore
Music Mouse - An Intelligent Instrument - An Emulation
Web-based port of Laurie Spiegel's _Music Mouse_. Instant composition; just wonderful to fiddle with. Suddenly thinking about interfaces for this.
audio  sound  composition  musicmouse  lauriespiegel 
may 2018 by infovore
Demographics of the Disquiet Junto | The Ethan Hein Blog
I've fallen behind a bit, but Junto has been great for my musical output and also my approach to composition/recording/production. Ethan's survey captures some of the why - including the other great brains you get to run into doing it.
music  disquiet  disquietjunto  composition  production 
may 2017 by infovore
The Quietus | Opinion | The Quietus Essay | Music For A Purpose: KPM And The History Of Library Music
Great overview of a history of library music, with some nice notes on Trunk Records' involvement in picking a lot of it up later. I love all this stuff.
librarymusic  music  composition  kpm 
august 2016 by infovore
The Wire Magazine on the Disquiet Junto
"He writes reviews of music that doesn’t exist yet and then gets internet strangers to make it." (disclaimer: I am one of those Internet Strangers).
thewire  wire  disquietjunto  marcweidenbaum  music  composition 
june 2016 by infovore
NYMPHAEA - Svetlana Maraš
"Nymphaea is one in a set of 7 works made under the title Ethereal Information. These works are Pure data patches, and they are generative sound works functioning by the rules of partially fixed algorithms. Each of the patches leaves the space for user’s input that will influence certain aspects of the work. Patches can be used under the Creative Commons Attribution license, as part of other works, in installations, galleries, public spaces or wherever you find them suitable."

Music as software. I'm listening to it now; not as an MP3, but as a PureData patch. Very good.
pd  puredata  music  generative  algorithmic  production  composition  svetlanamaras 
april 2016 by infovore
Watch Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith bring her modular orchestra to life - YouTube
A really beautiful demonstration of a modular performance; so musical, so careful, and so clearly live; such an understanding. Fascinating to see someone who first learned on a Buchla, too, in this age, but it clearly comes through in her approach to the instrument.
music  modularsynth  kaitlynaureliasmith  performance  composition 
april 2016 by infovore
Infinite Possibilities | horizontalpitch
Amongst many other things, bookmarked for "composing music means building an instrument"
music  instruments  instrumentness  composition  performance 
december 2015 by infovore
RA: Trickfinger: Letting Go
Really interesting interview with John Frusciante on his move into electronic music; particularly interesting (and good) on the relationship between engineering and art, and an artist's desire to work more closely with his materials.
johnfrusciante  music  production  sound  engineering  composition 
november 2015 by infovore
"Little Uniquenesses Add Up": Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - BR
"We are defining a story, and this will be the context for the music, and music will always be about that context. If the story of my music was like, “Yeah, I download illegal software and I make a hundred tracks and ten are good, and I’ll always do it while I’m on the train or the bus, and I have headphones on and I just make music all the time,” it would raise a question: ‘What is inspiring you?’" This leapt out at me and smacked me around the chops a bit. Smashing interview with Nils Frahm about his recent collaboration with Ólafur Arnalds. (Also, I did not realise how the Korg PS-3100 did polyphony. Blimey.)
nilsfrahm  music  creativity  composition 
september 2015 by infovore
Disaster, please! — I recently gave a workshop at the Gamer’s Rhapsody...
Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland talks through some of the Fez soundtrack, but really, he's giving a quite nice lesson in Massive, which is a synthesizer I'd sort of wrapped my head around but now am a lot happier with. It's been especially good since I've been messing around with a real (but simpler) analog synth, and that's been coaching me on sound design, too.
synthesis  sounddesign  music  composition  fez  disasterpeace  richvreeland 
june 2015 by infovore
Russell Davies: Composers' Pencils
I didn't know about this, but Composers' Rooms sounds marvellous; how-we-work combined with music. Brilliant.
music  process  working  composition  composers 
april 2015 by infovore
rhythm of the tide. - As Jackson couldn’t fluently play any instruments,...
"We then witnessed him giving the most heartfelt and profound vocal performance, live in the control room through an SM57. He would sing us an entire string arrangement, every part. Steve Porcaro once told me he witnessed MJ doing that with the string section in the room. Had it all in his head, harmony and everything. Not just little eight bar loop ideas. he would actually sing the entire arrangement into a micro-cassette recorder complete with stops and fills." It's all there, already, in his head; and god, he hits those notes so well. No auto-tune there.
music  composition  behindthescenes  howtomakethings  harmony  michaeljackson 
march 2014 by infovore
"Weeklybeats is a 52 week long music project in which artists compose and publicly release 1 song a week for the entire year." Not sure I'll even get anything in for Week 1, but worth bearing in mind.
music  production  composition  motivation 
january 2014 by infovore
The Suite Science: Paul Weir Talks Generative Music | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
This is a super-good article about developing generative music - though it's on a games site and one of the focuses is games, it also talks about generative piped music for buildings. And, notably, comments on the difference between a generative score and generative mixing. It's a great article, even if you're not into games.
games  music  generativemusic  paulweir  composition 
november 2013 by infovore
BBC Radio 4 - Into the Music Library
"It's the music which has surrounded us our whole lives, but which most of us have never quite heard let alone listened to... and nearly all of it made in the UK." Two years old now, but this is a lovely little documentary about library music, with lots of interviews with composers and collectors alike; so nice to contextualise this stuff. (And: a reminder why secretly I always wanted to be a session player).
bbc  music  librarymusic  composition 
april 2013 by infovore

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