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Movies In Color
"A blog featuring stills from films and their corresponding color palettes." Lovely.
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april 2013 by infovore
"F.lux fixes this: it makes your computer's lighting adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. It's even possible that you're staying up too late because of your computer. You could use f.lux because it makes you sleep better, or you could just use it just because it makes your computer look better." Perhaps not right for things that need to be color-managed... but might be good for everything else. And healthier.
osx  software  mac  lighting  time  color  temperature 
february 2009 by infovore
Plotting the colors « The Arbitrarian
"Dolores Labs paid MechaTurks to apply labels to 10,000 color swatches." Then they built network graphs out of them. Very nice.
network  intelligence  collectiveintelligence  color  research  nomenclature  language  colour 
may 2008 by infovore
Gothic IV Gets New Name, Needs Another One | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
“The team invested months of research into the differences between European and American gaming preferences, so much so that there will be two different color palettes for Arcania: North American (bright and beautiful) and European (muted and gritty).
color  games  design  preference  regional  wtf 
may 2008 by infovore
Monitor Calibration Cheat Sheet
If you're using Lightroom to manage your photos, you are probably serious about your photographs. [...] if you are indeed serious, then practicing good color management is essential.
lightroom  colourspace  colour  management  color  photography 
march 2008 by infovore
Dolores Labs Blog » Blog Archive » Where does “Blue” end and “Red” begin?
"We showed thousands of random colors like this to people on Mechanical Turk and asked what they would call them. Here’s what they said [...]"
colour  language  color  psychology  perception  survey  visualisation 
march 2008 by infovore
Color Management made easy by Thom Hogan
"Thom's Quick & Dirty Guide to Color Management: 99% of what you need to know in 1% of the space."
color  colour  colourmanagement  colormanagement  management  photography  processing  photoshop 
january 2008 by infovore
Farbtastic: jQuery color picker plug-in | Steven Wittens -
Awesome jQuery color-picker. Works exactly as it says on the tin. Makes me very happy.
javascript  jquery  color  colorpicker  plugin  design  colour 
august 2007 by infovore
Adam Polselli's 2005 Color Forecast
Nice ideas, here: what the web will glow like in 2005
web  webdesign  color  colour  colours  colors  hues 
january 2005 by infovore

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