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AI Ruby Plugins
"This page will maintain list of AI related libraries for the Ruby programming language." Some interesting stuff here, although it's all in varying degrees of maturity...
ruby  ai  machinelearning  collectiveintelligence  algorithms  software  libraries  gems 
october 2009 by infovore
Help! My iPod thinks I’m emo - Part 1 « Music Machinery
Ooh, this looks like a very interesting write-up of a thoughtful SXSW session. Marked as something I need to follow up on.
toread  music  recommendation  collectiveintelligence  filtering  code 
march 2009 by infovore
Plotting the colors « The Arbitrarian
"Dolores Labs paid MechaTurks to apply labels to 10,000 color swatches." Then they built network graphs out of them. Very nice.
network  intelligence  collectiveintelligence  color  research  nomenclature  language  colour 
may 2008 by infovore
plus six » soundamus - native to a web of musical data
"it doesn’t sound particularly astounding on paper, but within a day it recommended to me a couple of albums i that was very excited about but had no idea they were forthcoming." Excellent stuff.
lastfm  data  api  open  web  recommendation  collectiveintelligence 
may 2008 by infovore

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