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Stacey, Simplified portfolios
"Stacey is an easier way to create a portfolio site. No database setup or installation files, simply drop the application on a server and it runs. Your content is managed by creating folders and editing text files. No login screens, no ‘cms’." Elegant - perhaps even more so than some of the stripped-down Ruby static-site management tools I've seen.
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september 2009 by infovore
Widgetfinger - Simple Content Management for Simple Websites
"Widgetfinger lets your clients edit their websites without touching the code." Congrats to the Thoughbot team for getting this out there.
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may 2008 by infovore
SimpleLog. A simple (and free!) Ruby on Rails weblog application.
Simplelog hits 2.0 - nice going, Garrett. It's looking really polished, but resolutely maintaining its attitude of doing the bare minimum for a blog. In this day and age of spam and similar, that still means quite a bit - but it's a good philosophy.
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february 2007 by infovore

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