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The Strange Brands in Your Instagram Feed - The Atlantic
New retail, dropshipping, and the supply cloud. This is good. Well, it's not, but the article is good.
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january 2018 by infovore
What We Talk About When We Talk About What We Talk About When We Talk About Making | Quiet Babylon
"Something that journalists sometimes do is publish a disclosure statement. It’s sort of like an About Me page except it’s a listing of all their conflicts of interest—all the areas of coverage where you might have good reason to think they should not be trusted. It’ll say things like I once worked at Google or I’m married to an employee of Microsoft. I have never written one of these but I have fantasies about doing a comprehensive one. It would be the length of a novel, I think. An endless and yet incomplete litany of all the blood, privilege, history, and compromise on my hands." I could have quoted lots of this, but I chose this. It's good. It encapsulates the beginnings but not ends of lots of thoughts, and reminds me why, right now, I'm afraid of assuming anything about anything, why stereotyping "big companies" as being identical isn't just inaccurate but also unhelpful, and why the point of boundaries is that they always exclude _somebody_.
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september 2014 by infovore
In the Name of Love | Jacobin
"Under the [Do What You Love] credo, labor that is done out of motives or needs other than love (which is, in fact, most labor) is not only demeaned but erased. As in Jobs’ Stanford speech, unlovable but socially necessary work is banished from the spectrum of consciousness altogether." This is astute and good, on what happens when work is divided into either "things you love anyway" or "labor that we will banish from view" - and the enabling forces that let someone Do What They Love.
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january 2014 by infovore
Martin Hollis on Monopoly | Hard Consonant
"My challenge to you is as follows. Design a game which is appealing to play, which will go on to be a huge commercial success and yet illustrates through its systems the abject and total horror, the inhumanity, the alienation, the banality, the evil, and the hell-on-earth of a socio-political practise taken to extreme. The game must be named honestly. It must be easy to learn. It must be a game for all the family." As expected, this is great, but of course it is, because Martin is great. More to the point: it's shrewd and useful. (And: excellent nous from Cara to pick up this piece from someone who clearly could become a major games journalism talent. Please keep commissioning this "Martin Hollis")
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may 2013 by infovore
YouTube - Future of Singapore in 2015
The city, it turns out, is there for you to SPEND MONEY IN. And augment the hell out of. No grim meathook future in 2015 Singapore, that's for certain...
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august 2009 by infovore
potlatch: why capitalism is about to get burnt
"...once we return to the sun, late on in our economic history, are we still innocent enough to view it this way? The sun isn't so very different from the Beatles back catalogue - there's a lot of it around, you can't control it, we value it highly, it's a 'public good problem' - but the Beatles are subject to various legal and political protections, most recently retrospective copyright extension. If EMI are allowed to profit from music that they didn't create, might not North Africa have some right to profit from energy that it didn't create?" Some brilliant stuff from Will Davies
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june 2009 by infovore
Armin Heinrich – today and tomorrow
"The red icon on your iPhone or iPod touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were able to afford this. It’s a work of art with no hidden function at all."
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august 2008 by infovore
BBC NEWS | Technology | Virtual worlds threaten 'values'
"Are we absolutely sure that this is the very best we can offer young people?" [Lord Puttnam] asked. "Do we really want them to think of themselves as not much more than consumers?"
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november 2007 by infovore
What kids learn in virtual worlds | CNET
"If you're a parent, I would be [concerned] about the conflation between consumption and consumerism and citizenship (in virtual worlds)... our kids are being taught that to be a good citizen of this world you got to buy the right stuff." Sadly, yes.
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november 2007 by infovore

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