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Interview - Suzanne Ciani | These Hopeful Machines | Radio New Zealand
"My fascination with electronic music centred very much around my love affair with the Buchla electronic music system. Don Buchla didn't like the word ‘synthesizer’ because it had misleading connotations. Some people thought of the word ‘synthesizer’ as relating to ‘synthetic’, or that it was imitating existing sounds, whereas he wanted to be clear that this was a completely new domain—this was a new instrument. The instrument that I had did not have a keyboard: it was played by moving knobs and dials and placing patchcords and constructing an internal routing, so that you could design your instrument within the instrument. And sometimes I would spend months coming up with a living, breathing patch that generated the sonic environments and sounds that I wanted to hear. So it wasn’t keyboard. The keyboard was added as a...I think Bob Moog did that in order to lend understanding to the masses as to what this was, because in the early days people really could not understand where the sound was coming from or how it was generated. It was all so unfamiliar that putting the keyboard on it bridged a gap in understanding. But it also short-circuited the potential of those instruments because the keyboard interface came from a mechanical universe. It produced, mechanically, one event for one action. Whereas in electronic music we were used to touching a key, say on a flat plate, and maybe 50 things would happen." Great interview with Suzanne Ciani, including some great details about instrumtiness.
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october 2016 by infovore
Sunergy [Documentary] - YouTube
Lovely documentationn of a live performance by Suzanne Ciani and Kaitlyn Aurelia-Smith.
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october 2016 by infovore
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Buchla Music Easel - YouTube
A truly lovely Music Easel performance. I love how coherent an instrument it is, and this is a cracking piece of playing.
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may 2016 by infovore

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