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The Unfortunates: Interacting with an Audio Story for Smart Speakers - BBC R&D
"In an interview excerpted in The Advance Guard of the Avant-garde, he says that ‘the randomness of the material was directly in conflict with the book as a technological object’. We hope that by using the randomness available to us in a new technological object, we have created a treatment of the work that Johnson would have felt does the material justice." IRFS on their version of _The Unfortunates_ for Alexa - an idea I have a tiny hand in prompting into existence. There's so much frustrating about developing creative content for smart speakers, but this feels like a strong fit between the source material - a radio play in fragments - and the technology - a speaker that is also a computer. Henry's writeup is strong.
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BBC - BBC Radio 3 Programmes - Drama on 3, The Unfortunates, by BS Johnson
The Unfortunates gets a radio dramtaization. Best of all: for the next 3 months, the website will let you listen to the chapter-clips in any order you want, as is only appropriate. Something to return to.
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october 2010 by infovore
Other words by B.S. Johnson « Matthew
"Two of these books finish with one particular poem, “Distance Piece”, which as his final printed words are tough to read through." Sadly, they are.
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august 2010 by infovore
A Sarsen Amongst Dirt: Experimental Type & Design — Bookkake
"A couple of other examples of this kind of thing we like, are the bookish experimentations of B.S. Johnson, whose second novel Alberto Angelo contains both stream-of-conciousness marginalia, and cut-through pages enabling the reader to see ahead - possibly the most radical act I know in experimental books." Yes! And which I bang on about interminably. I love this stuff.
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january 2009 by infovore

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