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"When people talk about serendipity, they’re not always talking about discovering something that’s totally brand-new. In fact, I’d haz ard that they’re USUALLY talk ing about randomly unearthing some thing that’s comforting and familiar. This is ten times more true with television."
serendipity  broadcast  television  tv  chance  randomness 
may 2010 by infovore
cityofsound: Cables
"Either way, I love reading these cables. The language is crafted so perfectly, despite the constraints. They’re caught between poetry and machinery." Yes. And what a different game it was then; lots to like in this taut post from Dan Hill.
broadcast  media  sport  commentary  compression  cricket  condensation  cables  telegram  bandwidth 
january 2009 by infovore
The Brainy Gamer: Meta4orce - chat with the designer
Now this *is* interesting: a comments thread in which Michael Abbott's readers put questions to Iain Lobb, one of the designers behind Meta4orce... and he answers them candidly and informatively. Interesting stuff about the limitations of building games around TV shows for public service broadcasters.
tv  meta4orce  games  interaction  design  play  broadcast  bbc 
august 2008 by infovore
Print Tonight on <i>Dateline</i> This Man Will Die
"Before the unexpected series of events that began yesterday afternoon, for example, Hansen had no intention of ever being here, outside this house, waiting for a SWAT team on an overcast Sunday afternoon." God, US Esquire can be good.
journalism  writing  tv  broadcast  policework  dateline 
january 2008 by infovore
cookin'/relaxin': On the nature of time-based media
"Fractals are common in nature and show a repeating, self-similar structure and there is a similar kind of structure here from schedules to programmes to music and speech." - some great visualisation from Tristan Ferne.
music  visulisation  broadcast  media  audio 
july 2006 by infovore
The Power of the Marginal
The big media companies shouldn't worry that people will post their copyrighted material on YouTube. They should worry that people will post their own stuff on YouTube, and audiences will watch that instead.
media  broadcast  innovation  essay  keynote  presentation 
june 2006 by infovore

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