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The Ghost of Ghostbusters Past
"Just a quick semi-technical post on how I made @WeBustedGhosts, my new bot that casts movies from an alternate history where "ghostbusters" is a stock comedy genre, sort of a twentieth-century commedia dell'arte." A wonderful tale of busting ghosts and SQL, but I also wanted to capture this sentence.
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april 2015 by infovore
Aphorism Detection
Darius Kazemi on writing aphorism detection; if nothing, it's a lovely insight into how he thinks about problems, as well as some neat code examples.
javascript  bots  language  naturallanguage  dariuskazemi  programming 
january 2015 by infovore
The Bot of Mormon
"I don't usually do in-depth analyses of my bots, especially one that's probably not gonna break ten followers, but my most recent bot is very personal to me, and the making of it turned out to be much stranger than I expected. It's The Bot of Mormon, "the most correct bot", a text-generating process with a very niche audience but the niche audience includes me, so I'm happy." Great, detailed post from Leonard on making programattic jokes: his explanation of the ongoing struggle to make the bot entertaining is good, and the solution he comes to smart.
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october 2014 by infovore
How to make a Twitter bot
"The reason I am able to make Twitter bots is because I have been programming computers in a shitty, haphazard way for 15 years, followed by maybe 5 years of less-shitty programming. Every single sentence in the big preceding paragraph, every little atom of knowledge, represents hours of banging my head up against a series of technical walls, googling for magic words to get libraries to compile, scouring obscure documentation to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to do, and re-learning stuff I’d forgotten because I hadn’t used it in a while." This paragraph also represents my experience of both programming and how I write my toys; a slightly round-about set of experience to get to where we are now, with lots of reading the manual and doing things in dumb ways occasionally. Programming!
bots  programming  dariuskazemi 
june 2014 by infovore
The botmaker who sees through the Internet - Ideas - The Boston Globe
"At a coffee shop near his office, Kazemi says he feels about his bots the way he imagines parents must feel about their children. “I’ve created these things, and they’re kind of separate from me now, and so I do feel kind of proud of them,” he says. “Every morning I wake up and I look at the last two hours of TwoHeadlines, and it just gets me every time.”" Yup. That.
dariuskazemi  bots  twitter  art  generativeprose  language 
january 2014 by infovore
The Aleph: Infinite Wonder / Infinite Pity
"I wanted to present a version of what The Aleph might look like now, designed as an endless stream of descriptive passages pulled from the web. For source texts, I took the complete Project Gutenberg as well as current tweets. I searched for the phrase "I saw.""
generative  text  writing  fiction  aleph  bots 
march 2013 by infovore
Markov Guybrush | Basil Safwat
"Greg tweeted ‘Markov Guybrush Threepwood’ the other week. I thought that was a good idea so I spent a bit of Sunday making Markov Guybrush. It’s a Twitter bot that generates random Guybrush-ish Tweets." Excellent work by Basil.
markovchains  bots  monkeyisland  games 
june 2012 by infovore
"...the definition of a bot seems quite arbitrary, where do we call an application or a string of actions or scripts a 'bot', and where or when do we call it something else? Is the only reason for calling a scripted set of actions a bot, the fact that the script takes the role (and maybe the place) of a human being as a form of artificial intelligence, like they do for instance on wikipedia, in chatrooms, twitter or spamming us through mail (do they really set out to maximize their chances of success? - which is what often AI delineates)?
And what about the new generations of Twitter web scutter that does not seem to be intelligible in any human-sense kind of way, but do follow scripts and try to maximize something (followers, tweets)?" Bookmarked if only for use of the phrase "web scutter".
bots  twitter  scutters  agents  basap 
february 2012 by infovore
A Ship Adrift |
"I wanted to make the ship move, and I wanted to make it speak, and I wanted to speak back to it, with it, together. To make something." The poetry of creation is important. Also, @shipadrift is lovely, but you already knew that.
bots  codedspace  jamesbridle  stml  shipadrift 
february 2012 by infovore
Customer Service Romance - See Jayne
"I built a working prototype of a Customer Service phone bot that has personal issues she'd like to talk about and over time falls in love with the caller. She uses the tools at her disposal (discounts, upgrades, hold music, confirmation numbers) to communicate her feelings towards you as best she can." Hah!
robots  bots  phones  support  fiction  design 
november 2011 by infovore
Twitter Bot Info |
An excellent selection of auto-response bots.
twitter  fiction  bots  robothumour 
november 2011 by infovore
Open Data for the Arts – Human Scale Data and Synecdoche – Blog – BERG
The talk I gave at the Media Festival Arts is now online. It's about making data human-scale, and why Twitter bots are a kind of synecdoche.
talks  berg  me  synecdoche  twitter  bots  tmfa2010 
october 2010 by infovore
Setting Up Twitter Bots with OAuth | maSnun's logs
Straightforward guide to making bots work with OAuth.
twitter  oauth  guide  bots 
august 2010 by infovore
Twitter / @HATProject/HomeAlone
"All the characters fom Home Alone, the project starts on the 22nd." 22 Twitterbots, performing Home Alone, in realtime, starting Dec 22nd. Awesome. Bonkers, but awesome (and takes the concept I used in Twit 4 Dead to a new level).
drama  performance  twitter  bots  homealone  narrative  distributed 
december 2009 by infovore

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