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Blackbeard Blog: From a presentation I’m doing
"Realising the dude starting at you is googling you with their eyepiece." This is good.
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march 2013 by infovore
The Seven Secrets of Successful Data Scientists : Dataspora Blog
"...don’t confuse this kind of data exploration, where the goal is to size up the data, with building proper data plumbing, where you want robustness and maintainability. Perl and bash scripts are nice for the former, but can be a nightmare for building data pipelines." Lots of good stuff in this article; this was a highlight.
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september 2010 by infovore
Open Library Ore « The Open Library Blog
"Ben Gimpert is a friend of the Open Library. He and I got together over lunch a few months ago to talk about big data, statistical natural language processing, and extracting meaning from Open Library programmatically. His efforts are beginning to bear some really interesting fruit, and while we work out how we might be able to present it online, we thought you might be interested to hear what he’s been up to." Answer: good things. Ben is awesome, and this work sounds great. (I can't quote a suitable passage, so George's intro will have to do).
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april 2010 by infovore

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