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Game Balance Concepts | A continued experiment in game design and teaching
Ian Schreiber's ten week course notes. Lots to get stuck into here.
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march 2013 by infovore
GDC 2010: Design in Detail: Changing the Time Between Shots for the Sniper Rifle from 0.5 to 0.7 Seconds for Halo 3 « Double Buffered
Ben Zeigler's notes on Bunge's Jaime Griesemer's talk at GDC, all about balancing. Sample quotation: "It can be tricky to balance, because designers can misinterpret competence (getting good at a weapon) with the weapon being balanced. We CANNOT use our intuition at this stage because it will lie to us. Changes will have to be done in larger batches, and we need to avoid bias effects." Really, the whole thing is jampacked with interesting stuff (not all of which I agree with, but most of it is very good indeed).
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march 2010 by infovore
The Economics of Pinball « Cheap Talk
"In 1986, Williams High Speed changed the economics of pinball forever... Pre-1986, the replay score was hard wired into the game unless the operator manually re-programmed the software. High Speed changed all that. It was pre-loaded with an algorithm that adjusted the replay score according to the distribution of scores on the specified machine over a specific time interval." Good article on how the economics of pinball are wired into the machine.
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november 2009 by infovore
Ian Bogost - Guru Meditation
"Guru Meditation also reminds us of the long history of experimentation with physical controllers in the mainstream consumer videogame market, even when both that market and its critics would have us believe that physical interfaces are as new as DDR or Nintendo Wii." A game for Atari 2600 + Joyboard, and also available as an iPhone port; make the yogi fly by sitting perfectly still, and perfectly upright. Written in assembler, and everything.
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may 2009 by infovore
Left 4 Dead Blog - Surviving the L4D Survival Pack
A thoughful post (as ever) from the L4D team detailing some of the balancing and planning that's gone into the Survival Mode experience. Looking forward to firing this up next week...
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april 2009 by infovore
re: diverselessness (tecznotes)
"I think issues of power and governance are going to swiftly rise in importance on internet communities, as they expand to include more different kinds of people. It's interesting that some of the best, most resonant ideas on these topics that I've encountered over the years has come from political writers and may have been produced even before the internet." Mike has read lots of books, and his quotations/sources here are great.
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april 2009 by infovore
Click Nothing: GDC09 - Part 2 - Improvisation presentation materials
Clint Hocking's presentation materials - talk, slides, short mpeg - from his GDC09 lecture, "Fault Tolerance: From Intentionality to Improvisation". It's meaty and weighty and it's really, really, really good, and covers lots of bases and I'll need to read it again. Lots of dense stuff about the balances between Far Cry 2's gameplay systems, designing systems for improvisation, and rebalancing games to what they want to be. My mancrush is not abated, sadly.
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april 2009 by infovore
Game Design, Psychology, Flow, and Mastery - Blog - A Few Things About Street Fighter 4
Dave Sirlin offers some analysis of SF4. I think, at the overview level, he's got a good point: SF4 is not actually as "accessible" as everyone makes out; it's certainly got a lower on-ramp than SF3, but it ramps up pretty fast. More on this in a blogpost, I think.
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march 2009 by infovore
Insult Swordfighting: Sackboy's lament
Mitch just isn't inspired by user-generated content, no matter how charming a core game might be. The comments thread on this one is really good.
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november 2008 by infovore

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