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Gamasutra: Adam Foster's Blog - Alternate Reality Game puzzle design
This is super-good - not just on ARGs, which aren't necessarily flavour of the month, but on designing difficult puzzles for a large number of people to solve, and how not to be surprised by how fast groups are at solving things when they have the network. Gating the experience with slow tasks - MD5 brute-forcing, for instance, is one nice idea; I also really like Adam's points about making sure players know precisely what is in-universe and what isn't, so there's never a question of whether something is right or not; just like a good cryptic crossword.
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june 2013 by infovore
Kill Screen - My Purple-Haired Made-Up Best Friend, and Why She Had to Die
"I only got to hang out with Rachael once: in San Francisco, for a week, during the Game Developers Conference...

Here’s how we did it: She shared my eyes and ears, and she wrote her impressions through my laptop and my BlackBerry. When we touched down at SFO, she wrote the first tweet, and she eavesdropped on the game designers that I sat with riding into town on the BART. We were working press—except I was the one sweating the deadlines, and looking for good ideas, while she was just loving it..." Chris Dahlen on writing pixelvixen707
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november 2011 by infovore

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