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How the Death of iTunes Explains the 2010s - The Atlantic
I still have an SSD full of music, that I own, and I too will miss iTunes when it is gone. I even have baroque ways of syncing MP3s to my Android phone.

More importantly, I too have long felt the reality of Inbox Infinity and lists that never end.

Even more importantly, para 11 is chefs-kiss-emoji.
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6 weeks ago by infovore
[this is aaronland] Towers of History
"The value of the web is in its history. The value of the web is that it grows over time and that it spiders out making connections, just as often doubling back on itself to find previously unseen patterns and connections. It is not a linear progression through time and space always discarding the near past. Or if it is then I'm sorry for wasting everyone's time because that sounds about as exciting, and about as valuable, as any given season of canned television programming."
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june 2011 by infovore
Nick Sweeney · what Bagpuss can teach us about the internet
"...the internet’s endless pathways turn our simple discoveries into expeditions that reveal the worlds in which those things have lived, taking the role of archivists and archaeologists of pasts that overlay and intertwine." This is lovely.
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september 2010 by infovore
Projectionist: A tumblelog
The archives are very, very beautiful
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july 2007 by infovore

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