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Seltani: An Introduction
"I thought: what if there were an all-text Myst MMO?" And then: Zarf built it. Or rather, is building it. A super-interesting experiment in what a MOO for the Tumblr and Twine generation might look like; I'd be fascinated to see the Twine community spin up a server or ten.
development  games  interactivefiction  multiplayer  mmo  myst  zarf  andrewplotkin 
august 2013 by infovore
Meanwhile for iOS
IF legend Andrew "Zarf" Plotkin has adapted Jason Shiga's marvellous "Meanwhile" for the iPad. If you wanted someone to adapt your interactive fiction for another format - I can't think of a better person. Really looking forward to seeing how they've done this.
jasonshiga  zarf  andrewplotkin  interactivefiction  comics 
october 2011 by infovore

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