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A few technical words about Upsideclown, and some thoughts about audiences and the web (17 Aug., 2017, at Interconnected)
"This isn’t because I want to optimise an audience; this isn’t because I want to sell ads. This is because it’s nice to know that 17 people read the website and 21 people opened the newsletter, and 36 people read the same story on Facebook, and 6 in an RSS reader -- and gosh that’s like the whole top level of a double decker bus, all those people read my story! When companies deal with millions and billions, I think perhaps they forget how the intimate feels. How sometimes it’s not about a thousand retweets but instead about an audience of readers who come back. With whom you have a relationship. Who appreciate you, and you appreciate them. Yes it’s a pleasure to write, and yes I will do it without needing to get 1,000 likes on each and every story, but also let’s not forget that it’s more pleasant with company." This is all good by Matt - on the way the small-bit-intimate web has been sidelined for the all-or-nothing approach. (I'm glad I still run my own site. I'm glad RSS still works. Small software is important. Maybe web-scale doesn't automatically mean 'big')
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august 2017 by infovore
StatHat - Awesome custom stat tracking tool.
Hosted statistics tool with attractive interface and smart API. Not cheap for its single-tier plan ($99/mo), but looks like it might be worth a poke.
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august 2013 by infovore
Kartlytics: Applying Big Data Analytics to Mario Kart - Blog - Joyent
"As serious intellectuals often do, we spent hours discussing these questions, what data we would want to collect to answer them, and even how we might go about collecting it. It sounded like a fun project, so I wrote a program that takes video captures of our Mario Kart 64 sessions and picks out when each race starts, which character is in each box on the screen, the rank of each player as the race progresses, and finally when the race finishes. Then I built a web client that lets us upload videos, record who played which character in each race, and browse the aggregated stats. The result is called Kartlytics, and now contains videos of over 230 races from over the last year and change." Yes, it's a plug for manta, but it's also a nifty piece of engineering.
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august 2013 by infovore
paulasmuth/fnordmetric - GitHub
"FnordMetric is a highly configurable (and pretty fast) realtime app/event tracking thing based on ruby eventmachine and redis. You define your own plotting and counting functions as ruby blocks!" Interesting.
ruby  realtime  analytics  redis 
december 2011 by infovore
The Three Sexy Skills of Data Geeks : Dataspora Blog
"Statisticians’ sex appeal has little to do with their lascivious leanings ... and more with the scarcity of their skills. I believe that the folks to whom Hal Varian is referring are not statisticians in the narrow sense, but rather people who possess skills in three key, yet independent areas: statistics, data munging, and data visualization. (In parentheses next to each, I’ve put the salient character trait needed to acquire it)."
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june 2009 by infovore
Google Analytics, jQuery, and File Downloads
A nice approach to doing some of the typical monitoring you'd want to do with Google Analytics, eg monitoring PDF downloads. I'm not totally convinced by some of his syntax, but the functionality is good, and the regex trick is nice.
web  development  javascript  jquery  analytics  googleanalytics  tracking  metrics 
september 2008 by infovore
The Eyes On The Street | A Better Course
"What are the weird, seemingly unimportant data that can join up the areas we already know, and how do we know where to look for it? In order to be truly useful eyes on the street, we need to be able to take the scenic route, or shortcuts, or any other route that will be fun or illuminating for us and the people we speak to."
data  observation  crowdsourcing  outsidein  stevenjohnson  analytics  dconstruct08 
september 2008 by infovore
Fuelly | Share and Compare Your MPG
"Fuelly is a site that lets you track, share, and compare your gas mileage. Simply sign up, add a car, and begin tracking your mileage." Looks interesting.
travel  peakoil  efficiency  economy  petrol  fuel  money  cars  analytics 
august 2008 by infovore
Why Analytical Applications Fail: Juice Analytics
"Users need to see results before they can ask better, more detailed questions. These feedback loops provide critical learning. Users need to get to data as quickly and easily as possible. A screen without data is delayed progress."
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july 2008 by infovore
Crazy Egg – visualize your visitors
Crazy Egg is, basically, low-budget heatmapping for the web. Powered by Rails - it'd be interesting to look into this more when certain things go live...
analytics  heatmaps  web  tracking  rubyonrails  statistics  usability 
september 2006 by infovore

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