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Dual Analog Controller Object
"DAController is a wrapper class for use with the proCONTROLL joystick library written by Christian Riekoff for Processing. It encapsulates the two analog sticks and all the buttons found on a typical dual analog controller." Ooh.
processing  controller  analogue  games 
may 2012 by infovore
"RACER is an analogue recreation of a coputer racing game in the style of the classic WipeOut. It consists of a modified vintage arcade machine, a RC model car with a wireless camera, an a self-constructed racetrack/game level made entirely from cardboard." Brilliant.
games  racer  analogue  radiocontrol 
august 2010 by infovore
Keith Tyson's History Painting print offer | Culture |
"The artist Keith Tyson is offering 5,000 Guardian readers the opportunity to own a free downloadable artwork by him. The costs you'll have to bear are those of printing out the work on A3 photographic paper – and framing, if you so choose... You will be asked to enter your geographical location – which forms part of the unique title of each print."
art  culture  online  guardian  printing  generative  analogue  keithtyson 
december 2008 by infovore
russell davies: analogue natives
"So much joyful digital stuff is only a pleasure because it's hugely convenient; quick, free, indoors, no heavy lifting. That's enabled lovely little thoughts to get out there. But as 'digital natives' get more interested in the real world; embedding in it, augmenting it, connecting it, weaponising it, arduinoing it, printing it out, then those thoughts/things need to get better. And we might all need to acquire some analogue native skills." Yes. I am slighty frustrated by the attitude that you can make anything physical with an Arduino and some other stuff. It's the "other stuff" that's the important bit.
analogue  digital  printing  making  friction 
december 2008 by infovore

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