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Notes, links, etc | Prototyping in Tokyo
Nice write-up of this show from Denise - I greatly enjoyed it, and agree with most of what she wrote. I particularly enjoyed examples of the SLS (3D printing technique) process, notably, the case showing what emerges from the printer - and how much material is brushed away by hand to reveal the object thereafter. Many of the exhibits they showed were magical, and yet they worked hard to remove the magic from the _processes_, and I really think they pulled that off.
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4 weeks ago by infovore
Controlled by Guns — Weird Future — Medium
"In the interim, Defense Distributed’s hack is interesting as a provocation. They’ve taken the world’s categories and grabbed and twisted the kaleidoscope. Suddenly, Maker movement adherents find themselves uncomfortably on the side of gun owners, which is a place I suspect few of them wanted to be or realized they were in the first place. Sales people and advocates for 3D printers promising that these new machines will let us make anything are learning that weapons are things. Now they find themselves standing shoulder to shoulder with gun enthusiasts arguing that a tool is just a tool and you can’t ban a thing just because of a few bad apples." A good article by Tim Maly: I really liked this nugget, though. The problem is: when you can make anything, who is to say what a thing is? Utopian idealism crashes into a reality; we're wobbling briefly through some turbulence. We'll probably make it out the other side, and we'll see which way things are heading. I also really liked the Deb Chachra quotation in this article.
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may 2013 by infovore
3D printing some sweet music
"The Lulzbot is being driven specifically to produce a certain frequency of sound with its stepper motors. The results of a few different songs are what’s hanging on the wall to the right. You can hear it printing Bizet’s Carmen in the clip after the break." I'd been thinking about this; glad someone's already implemented it.
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april 2013 by infovore
3D printing: The coolest way to visualize sound
"Realitat is a research and experimental studio founded by Juan Manuel de J. Escalante in Mexico City. Their recent creation "Microsonic Landscapes" visualizes music with physical form as a representation of an algorithmic exploration of the music. Realitat selected some of their favorite albums, including Nick Drake's Pink Moon and Portishead's Third, and converted them into 3D objects. Each album's soundwave were 3D printed in a cylindrical form layer by layer on a Makerbot 3D printer." I don't normally go in for this sort of thing, but it does look nice.
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august 2012 by infovore
I am (not) sitting in a room – Blog – BERG
This is lovely: Lucier translated to the physical from the sonic; making rooms from previous rooms.
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june 2011 by infovore
kitschbitch » Blog Archive » The Revolution will be Caramelized
"Candyfab was first built using three sacks of granulated sugar, an aquarium pump, a car jack and some recycled printer parts. And it only bloody works." Fabulous.
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january 2008 by infovore

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