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JARVIS series
Overarching story dealing with Tony and JARVIS' (and the other AIs) relationship, and how it expands out to the rest of the Avengers over time.
Divided out into subseries: Reasons Why is the Rhodey & JARVIS, post-IM2 prequel. Then Deus Ex (complete), and continuing in Creation-Connection (ongoing).
avengers  het  gen  tony/pepper  pepper  jarvis  bruce_banner  tony  !fanfic  ?sequel 
january 2013 by indramiel
Under Calico Skies
Summary: Loki being forced to be Thor’s consort and having to bear his heir as punishment. Loki is miserable and the long awaited heir is born. Everyone expects Loki to be happy and greatful. In reality, Loki feels they made him a sex slave/glorified breeder, and now have the gall to expect him to be thankful for the opportunity. He’s borne an heir, and that means he’s fulfilled his end of the deal, so he leaves.
He ends up on Earth, and there’s still angst. He meets Pepper, they actually get together, and helps Loki get through his issues, and he actually gets to a pretty good place mentally/emotionally. They’re happy, and eventually settle down to the whole white picket fence deal, kids included.
Then Thor shows up.
het  slash  avengers  loki/thor  loki/pepper  non-con+rape  mpreg  kidfic  loki  thor  pepper  !fanfic 
november 2011 by indramiel

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