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Mermaid Cafe
"Ben & Lisa Jacobson purchased a weathered former coin store at 1929 Winnebago Street in 2005 with the grand idea of building a small neighborhood coffee shop that was similar to old-school espresso & sandwich shops in Seattle. No frills flat-out fabulous lattes. Fresh food. East side family members rallied.

Our coffee brings bartenders in dark sunglases from the far corners of the east side. The Mermaid Cafe offers 100% Fair Trade, organic, locally-roasted Just Coffee espresso and coffee drinks. We are pleased to offer Fair Trade & Organic teas & cocoa-based drinks as well.

Our sandwiches are unique, made to order, and full of fresh flavor. We buy local because we are local. Check out our Merfamily section to see some of the Wisconsin farmers who provide the ingredients for our tasty stuff."
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september 2009 by indiemaps
A Walk Through Traditional Neighborhood Design
"Traditional neighborhoods support vibrant, healthy, community living. After decades of experimenting with other models of city-making, American planners and designers are now relearning the old lessons. They're calling it Traditional Neighborhood Design, and the Schenk-Atwood neighborhood has had it all along. When the world-class designers (Duany/Plater-Zyberk) of the nearby innovative Middleton Hills traditional neighborhood project looked for a working local example to study, they came to Schenk-Atwood."
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july 2009 by indiemaps
Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara: The soul of Madison - Isthmus | The Daily Page
"The soul of Madison lives in the Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara Neighborhood, an unassuming old blue-collar district re-imagined as a vibrant haven for many of the funkier and more enterprising elements of the city's creative class. Bounded on three sides by water and on the fourth by a bike bath and East Washington Avenue, this part of town is at the same time sedate and festive. It is walkable, rich in its appreciation of quirky gusto, and colors its politics deep blue."
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july 2009 by indiemaps
Schenk's Corners, WHi-21953
"Schenk's Corners, with the Security State Bank, located at Atwood Avenue and Winnebago Street. Also included in the view is Hausmann Fuel Company, 1980 Atwood Avenue and East Side Family Store, 160 Atwood Avenue."
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july 2009 by indiemaps

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