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URBANWARE™ Neighborhood API
"Defining neighborhoods is difficult because boundaries are based on perception. Urban Mapping's patent pending schema captures the nuances of informally defined spaces, modeling fuzzy space in a way that makes sense for users.

Urban Mapping's Neighborhood API enables developers to take advantage of UMI's expertise in informal space. The Free Neighborhood API enables 'search by lat/long,' 'search by name' and similar requests. The neighborhood boundary coverage for this free API includes the United States and Canada."
api  urban  neighborhood  geography 
april 2009 by indiemaps
New York Times API Recap
"This brings to nine the number of different APIs in the Times Developer Network, and all have been introduced in the last six months. The use of APIs by news organizations has risen rapidly in the past year as media companies have focused on their Internet businesses in the transition from print. The APIs of the Times fall into four basic categories: news remixing, niche topics, civic data, and social activity."
via:straup  nytimes  api  list  journalism 
april 2009 by indiemaps
NewsAlarm - wiring in to the NYT NewsWire API | blprnt.blg
"Ultimately, I’d like to produce an array of these devices that can be installed as a sort of ‘News Alarm Centre’.

In the meantime, I have the news alarm running - queued up to sound if more than 50% of the NYTimes headlines contain the word ‘aliens’. You never know… right?"
via:straup  nytimes  hardware  api  processing  arduino 
march 2009 by indiemaps
Guardian API Maps - Home
"This is a site that lets you search the Guardian's new API and add location information to articles. All the place data we collect is being made available to anyone who wants it."
stamen  crowdsourcing  theguardian  api  mapping  via:straup  via:mikel_maron 
march 2009 by indiemaps
Processing, JSON & The New York Times | blprnt.blg
"Processing is my tool of choice for building visualizations for a number of reasons. First, it’s easy to start projects, quick to piece together code and simple to share the results - it’s an ideal rapid-prototyping tool. Second, the wide variety of libraries available mean that it’s easy to plug into data in various formats and process the data into an easily-usable form. Finally, output from Processing sketches can be exported as .TIFFs, .JPGs, .PNGs, .PDFs, .MOVs and more, making the end project easy to deploy.

I was reminded of all of these advantages last week when I sat down to build some simple visualizations from the newly-opened New York Times APIs. Within a few hours I was up and running - and within a few more hours I had some results that I was quite happy with. Since then, a lot of people have contacted me asking for the Processing code. In response, I’ve decided to share the code and to write this brief tutorial on connecting to the NYTimes APIs with Processing."
via:straup  nytimes  api  visualization  processing  tutorial  json 
february 2009 by indiemaps
Chicago Transit API » » Harper Reed
"I have been working hard to release the work that I have been doing to expose some of the more interesting real time data about chicago transit. Currently it is very bus-centric, but that is hopefully changing.

The genesis for this API is some work I did awhile ago reverse engineering the CTA Bus Tracker mashup. I was able to expose the endpoints that powered their google maps mashup. In its original state - you can get some pretty awesome functionality and data. I am attempting to clean it up and make it more robust."
api  chicago  cta  transit  data 
january 2009 by indiemaps
Unofficial CTA APIs: Innovation on Borrowed Time? » Headway
"this could be a false economy: consider how much time and money it would take for the CTA to contract out the development of all the applications I mentioned above. By allowing third-party developers to work with their information, a transit agency effectively gains a very motivated external R&D lab for almost no cost or risk. A few forward-looking agencies have come to this conclusion, and have started offering official developer resources: Portland’s TriMet and the Bay Area’s BART have been the most progressive so far.

Until the day that the CTA decides to join them in explicitly offering access to their transit data, however, Harper and other Chicago transit developers are innovating on borrowed time.
cta  chicago  data  transit  api 
january 2009 by indiemaps
Capitol Words
Word Frequency from the Congressional Record
visualization  onlinemap  politics  api  textanalysis 
december 2008 by indiemaps
Announcing the New York Times Campaign Finance API - Open - Code - New York Times Blog
"The initial version of the Campaign Finance API offers overall figures for presidential candidates, as well as state-by-state and ZIP code totals for specific candidates. In addition, the API supports a contributor name search using any of the following parameters: first name, last name and ZIP code."
data  api  nytimes  politics  election 
october 2008 by indiemaps
dopplr wiki
"This wiki is where the Dopplr API will be developed and iterated upon in public. Documentation, examples and mashups to come."
dopplr  api  code  personalinformatics 
september 2008 by indiemaps
Map Channels Feed Maps
"Feed Maps is an API which works with the Google Maps API to display a map containing one or more data feeds. A wide range of options let you customize the map appearance."
api  feeds  googlemaps  mapping 
august 2008 by indiemaps
API v1 Documentation - crunchbase-api | Google Groups
The CrunchBase API provides JSON representations of the data found on CrunchBase.
api  startup  crunchbase  techcrunch  json  data 
august 2008 by indiemaps
Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc.
"We extracted the colours from 3 million “interesting” Flickr images. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour. Also available with Alamy Stock Photography."
flickr  api  webapp  color  photography 
july 2008 by indiemaps
ANTLR Parser Generator
"ANother Tool for Language Recognition, is a language tool that provides a framework for constructing recognizers, interpreters, compilers, and translators from grammatical descriptions containing actions in a variety of target languages [, including Acti
antlr  parser  compiler  api  parsing 
june 2008 by indiemaps
Yahoo! Internet Location Platform - YDN
"The Yahoo! Internet Location Platform provides a resource for managing all geo-permanent named places on Earth."
api  yahoomaps  geolocation  geocoding 
may 2008 by indiemaps
Tutorial : Thematic mapping with the Google Maps Flash API « Leveraging Visionary Paradigms
good tutorial on thematic mapping with flex using new Google Maps ActionScript 3 API
flex  flash  googlemaps  api  thematicmapping 
may 2008 by indiemaps
a javascript library to hide differences between mapping APIs.
javascript  mapping  programming  api  googlemaps 
may 2008 by indiemaps
Designing Your API » SlideShare
talk by Alex Payne of Twitter and Michal Migurski of Stamen
design  twitter  api  rest  talk 
april 2008 by indiemaps
Heat Map
"Heat Map"??? From the Google Visualization API
heatmap  google  visuaization  api 
march 2008 by indiemaps
Motion Chart
from the Google Visualization API
google  visualization  api 
march 2008 by indiemaps

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