Let them paste passwords - via @ncsc
RT @ncsc: Allow your website to accept pasted passwords - it makes your site more secure, not less
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january 2017
On Better Meetings by @lara_hogan - Very useful guide
As an engineering director, my week is filled with meetings: one-on-ones with my direct reports, skip-level one-on-ones with theirs. Meetings to make decisions, meetings to share information, meetings to teambuild. I have meetings to provide mentorship, or feedback on a presentation, or to get coaching.
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january 2017
Frameworks without the framework: why didn't we think of this sooner? • Svelte
You can't write serious applications in vanilla JavaScript without hitting a complexity wall. But a compiler can do it for you. Wait, this new framework has a runtime? Ugh. Thanks, I'll pass. – front end developers in 2018
javascript  frameworks  svelte  vanilla  via:pfhawkins 
december 2016
Work at different management levels (or what *do* managers do _all_ day?) by @lara_hogan
I remember working as a developer at a company and complaining that I had no idea what the bosses did all day. It felt like while we engineers were working hard and shipping stuff, managers just talked to a lot of people all the time, or sat in their offices behind closed doors, and I had no idea what their work looked like.1

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october 2016
Offline content with service workers
Service workers can do a lot more than make web pages work offline but for most people, myself included, this will be their first experience with them. I recently implemented a simple offline page for my blog and was surprised with how easy it was. Full of confidence, I wanted to do more. I decided to start saving blog posts for offline reading and things escalated quickly. I soon learnt the rabbit hole is deep.
offline  pwa  code  serviceworkers  javascript  via:Gwendoux 
september 2016
What the Heck is Shadow DOM? | Dimitri Glazkov
If you build Web sites, you probably use Javascript libraries. If so, you are probably grateful to the nameless heroes who make these libraries not suck. One common problem these brave soldiers of the Web have to face is encapsulation.
dom  iframes  javascript  shadow_dom  via:rufous 
september 2016
NIST’s new password rules – what you need to know
A lot of password rules are there simply "because we've always done it that way." NIST aims to fix that, and here's how.
password  security  via:kgoess 
august 2016
Accessible tabs in HTML with ARIA via @sateaches
ARIA is a great way to make things technically accessible, sometimes without requiring markup changes. But it can be tricky, even if you’re using it in a technically correct way. In this post, Jeff breaks down an ARIA tabs interaction to see how ARIA can impact users with disabilities—and how to make tabs truly accessible.
javascript  tabs  html  accessibility  via:freshmango 
april 2016
Help users checkout faster with Autofill - Google Developers
Help users checkout faster with Autofill. We’ve found that by correctly using autocomplete attributes on your forms, users complete them up to 30% faster!
html  reference  autofill  forms  via:fineartdavid 
april 2016
Expenses/Running Costs for @CushionApp
Running Costs
A close look at the costs that go into running Cushion and the reasons why we use specific services.
costs  expenses  business  via:euler 
january 2016
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