Chrome User Experience Report - Inian Parameshwaran | DeltaV 2018 - YouTube
- some Google TLD's slower in country vs global .com
- measure differences in 3G/4G SEB index
crux  seb  video  w:2 
june 2018
WebAIM: History of the browser user-agent string
and the user agent string was a complete mess, and near useless, and everyone pretended to be everyone else, and confusion abounded.
useragent  history  mozilla  internet 
march 2018
Are you out of alignment? – Camille Fournier – Medium
Getting into alignment with the company is often a challenge for senior ICs because it requires a major change in focus. The hardest part is now identifying the right problem to solve, instead of solving the hardest problem.
culture  alignment  productivity  career 
march 2018
Standardizing lessons learned from AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages Project
The standardization work motivated by AMP is well under way through various WICG projects. Google’s goal is to extend support in features like the Top Stories carousel to AMP-like content that (1) meets a set of performance and user experience criteria and (2) implements a set of new web standards. Some of the proposed standards in the critical path are Feature Policy, Web Packaging, iframe promotion, Performance Timeline, and Paint Timing. Equally important, the Chrome team last year released the Chrome User Experience report.
crux  amp  performance 
march 2018
The Double-Edged Sword of Using Blockchains for Identity Portability — The Information
It is possible that blockchains will serve as the backbone for a future with portable identity. But rather than enabling people to “own” their identity, this approach to portability risks leading us to a dystopic panopticon where your complete reputation follows you everywhere—whether you want it to or not.
blockchain  identity 
march 2018
Second-Order Thinking: What Smart People Use to Outperform
If you want to have fun at work this week, do one of two things. First, start digging below the surface of people’s opinions. Ask them why they think what they think. Second, ask them to take the other side of the argument.
career  success  growth  thinking 
march 2018
The Software Engineering Job Ladder – Chuck Groom – Medium
Explain and justify the difference between job levels. As much as possible, each job level should be a different role, not just degree of skill; you want a step function, not a gradient.
leadership  career  jobladder  ladder 
march 2018
Keep Your Identity Small
More generally, you can have a fruitful discussion about a topic only if it doesn't engage the identities of any of the participants. What makes politics and religion such minefields is that they engage so many people's identities... The most intriguing thing about this theory, if it's right, is that it explains not merely which kinds of discussions to avoid, but how to have better ideas. If people can't think clearly about anything that has become part of their identity, then all other things being equal, the best plan is to let as few things into your identity as possible.
identity  philosophy 
march 2018
Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30? - The New York Times
“You tend to focus on what is most emotionally important to you,” she said, “so you’re not interested in going to that cocktail party, you’re interested in spending time with your kids.”
friendship  life  psychology 
march 2018
Jumprock | Send emails from your static site.
your static site to our url and we'll deliver it to your inbox.
form  proxy  static  email 
march 2018
GDPR - What Businesses Need to Know
- going in effect in May 2018, affects EU and any company with customers in EU
- 72 hour disclosure window for data breaches
- consumers: data portability, right to be forgotten, knowledge about profiling
- publishers: explicit consent for data collection, more detailed guidelines for how data will be used
- big fines ($20M EU) for non-compliance
eu  data  video  w:3 
february 2018
Thomas Russo: "Global Value Investing: Factors that I Most Fear and [...]" | Talks at Google
- reinvesting into growth is a tax deferral strategy
- the setup of the markets (earnings, profits) favors short-term outlook due to pressure on the stock - e.g. not being able to take an income write down due to expansion
- family-based control is one way around this pressure, assuming you find right long-term ownership model in place
- stock options create short-term pressures
- betting on consumer brands and brand loyalty: spirits, tobacco, etc, the essentials
video  investing  value  w:4 
february 2018
BBC - Future - The dangerous downsides of perfectionism
one of the most robust protections against anxiety and depression is self-compassion
perfectionism  psychology 
february 2018
Chris Larsen and Stefan Thomas: "Ripple - The Enterprise Blockchain"
- interlerdger defines the protocol to move value across different entities
- settlement can be provided by different sub-implementations
- interledger is the "transport" layer: split large transactions into smaller ones, reassemble on the other end, the routing is similar to BGP concepts
- Ripple uses different consensus mechanism: nominate trusted validation nodes
ripple  blockchain  interledger  video  w:3 
february 2018
The Hygiene Hypothesis: Disease Patterns in Industrialized and Developing Countries
- auto-immune diseases are on the rise: we're changing our microbiome and rise of autoimmune diseases is likely linked to recent imbalance
- "we are multitudes"
video  w:1  microbiome 
february 2018
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