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Social Decay on Behance
social media companies as messed up old irl businesses
art  decay  design  tech 
5 days ago
Hidden Camera Used to Photograph Olso in the 1890s
surprisingly lively candids from a time when we thought it was all very rigid
photography  history 
10 days ago
Jamaica ginger - Wikipedia
Jamaica ginger extract, known in the United States by the slang name "Jake," was a late 19th-century patent medicine that provided a convenient way to bypass Prohibition laws, since it contained between 70% and 80% ethanol by weight.
drugs  prohibition  usa 
26 days ago
Peter Brown (historian) - Wikipedia
He is credited with having brought coherence to the field of Late Antiquity, and is sometimes regarded as the inventor of the field.
history  historians  peterbrown  lateantiquity  rome 
26 days ago
The Musical Cliché Figure Signifying The Far East: Whence, Wherefore, Whither?
The little ditty above is what I call "the musical cliché figure signifying the Far East."
music  asia  china  race  obsess 
28 days ago
Pie Town
a town in nm dedicated to it
pie  toeat  travel  newmexico  americana 
6 weeks ago
Megacryometeor - Wikipedia
big chunk of ice from the sky?
wtf  nature 
6 weeks ago
California’s Little-Known Genocide - History in the Headlines
In 1850, around 400 Pomo people, including women and children, were slaughtered by the U.S. Cavalry and local volunteers at Clear Lake north of San Francisco.
history  california  usa  villainy  genocide 
8 weeks ago
Self-taught rocket scientist plans to launch over ghost town
“I don’t believe in science,” said Hughes, whose main sponsor for the rocket is Research Flat Earth.
rockets  psychoceramics 
8 weeks ago
the hints lady, housekeeping "hacks" for over 9,000 years
household  lifehacks 
9 weeks ago
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