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Millions of Dalit Muslims face caste discrimination (IDSN News 2016)
An estimated 100 million or more “Dalit Muslims” live in India. Activists and social scientists argue that affirmative action policies for ‘scheduled castes’ should also apply to this group.
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Dalit Muslims of India (Video - Al Jazeera)
In a bid to escape poverty and caste discrimination, some Hindu Dalits are converting to Islam and other faiths.
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Dalits in Pakistan suffer from severe drought – despite promises to act
1.2 million people and five million livestock in district Tharparkar are once again in the grip of a severe drought and efforts to prevent future human catastrophies must be stepped up.
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Thousands of Dalits protest over attacks and discrimination in Pakistan
In a mass protest 15,000 Hindus, the majority of them Dalits, marched through the streets of Karachi to push for the provincial Government of Sindh in Pakistan to meet their demands for provisions to stop escalating discrimination against Hindus in the region.
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