Lexical differential highlighting instead of syntax highlighting
Rather than syntax, use lexical words to highlight differences. The more similar the items, the more different their colors, to contrast and prevent mistaken identity in syntax.
syntax  highlight  editor  lexical 
4 weeks ago
Node.js for Mobile Apps
A port of node.js to ChakraCore that can run on iOS.
javascriptcore  node.js  werks  terminal  term  applescript 
7 weeks ago
Gamasutra: Ahmed Khalifa's Blog - Level Design Patterns in 2D Games
An essay on patterns of 2d game development, including top down and side-scrollers.
gamedesign  level  2d  patterns 
9 weeks ago
GitHub - RangerMauve/xterm-js-shell: Building block for CLI environments for xterm.js
A shell for xterm.js that allows custom commands. Useful for testing xterm.js in the browser. Works pretty well, though there are some quirks. Don't rely on this for the iOS app.
xterm  cli 
9 weeks ago
Spring/KeyboardLayoutConstraint.swift at master · MengTo/Spring
A class to hide and show the keyboard and resize the views when done.
iosdev  keyboard 
9 weeks ago
Spotlight Mac Search Parser
Parser for spotlight document search data stored in macOS
search  spotlight  documents  houdaspot 
10 weeks ago
Building a high performing home NAS on a shoestring budget with the Rock64 SBC – The Ramblin' Man
Description of how a guy built a server that could be used for backups, even Time Machine backups.
backup  server  home  raspberry-pi  rockpro64 
12 weeks ago
OpenMediaVault - The open network attached storage solution
A NAS software that can be installed on Raspberry PI and other single board computers (RockPro64)
backup  server  home  raspberry-pi 
12 weeks ago
A Solution for Loneliness - Scientific American
The Cure for Loneliness? Volunteering and giving meaning to your life.
loneliness  health  volunteering  service 
12 weeks ago
Functional architecture is Ports and Adapters
A great article explaining why functional programming is great for software architectures like onion, SOLID, layered, etc.
haskell  software-architecture  seeman  functional-programming 
may 2019
We Can Do Better Than SQL
A language better for database queries than SQL. More in line with modern languages and their needs.
sql  database  query  edgeql 
may 2019
Blocking protein curbs memory loss in old mice | News Center | Stanford Medicine
A particular protein blocked in mice restored youth like capacity to old mice brains.
health  memory  age  proteins 
may 2019
a competitor/contemporary to react pdf. Seems more mature and has more capabilities. Works by defining a JSON doc with the elements.
pdf  publishing  desktop-publishing  layout  writing  react 
may 2019
guides/code-review at master · thoughtbot/guides · GitHub
This is a more about how to do to code reviews and what works for good code reviews.
code-review  checklist  howto  personality  humble 
may 2019
Virtual Machine Showdown: Stack Versus Registers
Comparing stack-based to register-based vm architectures. The key thing to remember is that it is possible to convert stack based to register based IR relatively easily.
vm  vmdev 
may 2019
Cubik Studio
A modeler to create voxel assets for a minecraft like game or other cube based games.
gameart  gamedesign  minecraft  voxels 
may 2019
How Old Are Successful Tech Entrepreneurs?
The median age for successful entepreneurs and startups is middle aged.
age  agism  entrepreneurs  business 
may 2019
Create PDFs using React similar to web sites.
pdf  react  publishing  desktop-publishing  writing  indesign  layout  documentary 
may 2019
Premium Data - US Market Data - Historical Data
Vendor for historical stock data for US markets, including open, close, high, low, and volume.
stoks  trading  history  data  end-of-day 
may 2019
CSI End of Day Market Data
A vendor for end of day trading data, including open, close, high, low, and volume for history of prices for the US stock market.
stocks  trading  data  end-of-day  history 
may 2019
2D Graphics on Modern GPU | Raph Levien’s blog
An experiment to implement a full graphics pipeline (culling, sorting, and rendering) all on the GPU.
graphics  gpu  2d 
may 2019
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