denji/awesome-http-benchmark: HTTP(S) benchmark tools, testing/debugging, & restAPI (RESTful)
HTTP(S) benchmark tools, testing/debugging, & restAPI (RESTful) - denji/awesome-http-benchmark
awesome  http  benchmark 
kozross/awesome-c: A curated list of awesome C frameworks, libraries, resources and other shiny things. Inspired by all the other awesome-... projects out there.
A curated list of awesome C frameworks, libraries, resources and other shiny things. Inspired by all the other awesome-... projects out there. - kozross/awesome-c
awesome  c 
Host multiple websites on one VPS with Docker and Nginx
With this tutorial, you'll set up a reverse proxy that uses Docker and Nginx to host multiple websites, on different domains, with a single VPS.
docker  nginx  multi  domain  host  dns 
2 days ago
IHaskell on Windows! – Techscape
If you ever have wanted IHaskell, and also wanted that on Windows, the first thing that can disappoint you are these wordings in the installation page: Of course, a VirtualBox is a good choice. On…
haskell  jupyter  windows  linux 
2 days ago
Install scripts for installing Arch Linux on ZFS. Not runnable, just listed commands.
Install scripts for installing Arch Linux on ZFS. Not runnable, just listed commands. -
gist  zfs  installation  5* 
5 days ago
dotfiles/qemu-vlan at master · tokiclover/dotfiles
mirror of Contribute to tokiclover/dotfiles development by creating an account on GitHub.
gist  qemu  network  topology  ip  table  dhcp 
5 days ago
Virtualbox deploy failed because of VirtualBox Guest Services failure · Issue #908 · NixOS/nixops
Hi, I'm trying the NixOps tutorial and I'm stuck with this error: Exception: unable to activate new configuration It seems to be a problem with the Guest Service of virtualbox that fails to connect to some property server. Here is the lo...
nix  virtual  box  debug 
5 days ago
How Linux allows TCP introspection | OpsTips
The inner workings of bind and listen on Linux.
c  network  socket  system  call  proc 
5 days ago
A UDP server and client in Go | OpsTips
Getting from Golang's net package down to the Linux kernel methods invoked when UDP messages are sent.
go  udp  network  protocol 
5 days ago
localstack/localstack: 💻 A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud apps offline!
💻 A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud apps offline! - localstack/localstack
github  python  amazon  cloud  mock  test 
5 days ago
Sentry | Error Tracking Software — JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, more
Open-source error tracking that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time. Iterate continuously. Boost workflow efficiency. Improve user experience.
web  design 
8 days ago
Bitcoin Platform and API | Bitcore
A powerful, modular node for bitcoin and blockchain-based apps.
block  chain  bit  pay  pal 
9 days ago
Tweag I/O - software innovation lab
Our mission: deliver fast, correct and maintainable code.
web  design 
11 days ago
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 6en: Enabling S3 Sleep for Linux after Firmware Update | brauner’s blog
Today a new firmware update enabled the long-missing S3 support for 6en Lenovo ThinkPad X1. After getting the new update via:
bios  think  pad  linux 
12 days ago
seitz/nanonix: Syntax Highlighting for nix in nano
Syntax Highlighting for nix in nano. Contribute to seitz/nanonix development by creating an account on GitHub.
nix  nano 
12 days ago
Building a Type-safe Embedded DSL for Form Components with Validation
In a previous post we have shown how we use PureScript and Haskell at Lumi to improve the correctness of our code. Using languages with such powerful type systems does not only help us write more…
12 days ago
96-core ARM supercomputer using the NanoPi-Fire3 |
Building a high performance supercomputer for under £100 (£550 including twelve Fire3s). Parts list, benchmarks and downloadable plans for laser-cutting the acrylic case.
multi  core  cluster  arm  computer 
12 days ago
Ubuntu 18.04 Root on ZFS · zfsonlinux/zfs Wiki
ZFS on Linux - the official OpenZFS implementation for Linux. - zfsonlinux/zfs
zfs  ubuntu  linux  installation  encryption  5* 
13 days ago
Running Nextcloud in a jail on FreeBSD | John Ramsden
I configured Nextcloud inside a FreeBSD jail in order to allow me access to files i might need while at University. I figured this would be a optimal solution for files that I might need access to unexpectedly, on computers where I am not in complete control. My Nextcloud instance is externally accessible, and yet if someone were to get inside my Jail, I could rest easy knowing they still didn’t have access to the rest of my host server. I chronicled the setup process including jail ...
next  cloud  ssl  certificate  encryption  php  email  5* 
15 days ago
Analyzing stock price time series with modern Fortran, Part 1
Stock price analysis and prediction has been an increasingly popular topic since the early days of high-level programming, and Fortran has been used in the bowels of many financial trading and…
fortran  stock  trading 
16 days ago
Binaryphile’s Big List of Bitcoin Resources | binary.phile
Like lots of folks, I’ve taken a much stronger interest in bitcoin as an emerging technology of late, especially after the runup and crash of November this year. While there is a ton of volatility in bitcoin, I can’t help but be optimistic about its place in the future. I’ve put together this list of resources which I’ve found useful in getting to know how to understand and use Bitcoin. Enjoy.
bitcoin  resource  5* 
16 days ago
Avoiding kernel crashes when under DDoS attacks with CentOS 5 | stewart a.
iWeb Technologies has recently been the victim of several [1 2 3 4] distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks over the past three or so weeks and it's become a rather irritating issue for iWeb's customers. Not all of their server or their customer's co-located servers are affected in each attack, but often during the attacks there is a general slowdown on their network and a minority of the servers (both hosted and co-located) experience some packet loss. The server hosting this w...
ip  table  security 
19 days ago
Configuring multiple DHCP reservations [fixed IPs] for the same host with a Unifi Security Gateway | stewart a.
I just picked up some new networking gear, so this will be the first of a multi-part blog post about my learnings configuring Unifi gear. One issue I noticed right away was that it is not possible, via CLI nor GUI, to configure fixed IP address for a host that relies on more than 1 of the configured networks/VLANs. Since I have a home server (user VLAN) that is also hosting the controller softare (management VLAN) and also acts as a gateway for sending packets over its VPN interface ...
router  dhcp 
19 days ago
Create a gaming virtual machine using VFIO PCI passthrough for KVM | Fedora 20 | How-to guide | stewart a.
This part of the Fedora 20 home server setup howtos will show you how to create a gaming KVM virtual machine by passing through real hardware using the new VFIO PCI passthrough technique. Your VM will achieve near real-world graphic and audio performance.
windows  qemu  libvirt  game  5* 
19 days ago
Building Container Networks with Vxlan
Setting up DHCP ensures all containers or VMs connecting to the network get an IP and networking set up automatically. Setting up DHCP is not difficult, you need to choose a subnet for the overlay network, let's say, and then simply start a Dnsmasq instance attached to the vx0 bridge on one of the hosts. This instance will take care of DHCP services for the entire overlay network.
lxc  network  topology  5* 
19 days ago
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