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How to Make a Résumé — an 8-Step Guide
No offense, but your résumé kind of sucks. Or at least it probably does, because most people’s résumés do. That is not surprising, since it’s hard to be good at something you might only do a handful of times over the course of your life. But do not panic! We’re going to walk through exactly how to make a résumé with a minimum of pain and angst. That’s not to say you will love this process, because you will not, but at the end of it, you will have a résumé that will represent you well and encourage people to hire you.
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june 2018 by ianmclaury
Manhattan Apartment Rental 101 -- New York Apartment Rental Checklist
Is the rent reasonable? Make sure you've seen other apartments in the same price range (or at least perused listings and talked to people to understand current rental trends). If it's the first apartment you've seen, think hard before committing unless you really love the place. If you're new to the NYC apartment-rental game, bring a savvy friend with you to provide some objective advice.

Is the apartment clean and freshly painted? If the landlord is promising to paint or renovate before you move in, exactly what will be done? Get it in writing.

Are the kitchen appliances clean and in working order? Test the refrigerator, stove, and other appliances to make sure everything’s in working order.

Is there enough cupboard and counter space in the kitchen?

Are there any signs of roaches or rodents? Look under the sink and around cracks and crevices.

Do the windows open and close properly?

Are there enough electrical outlets? Test the electrical outlets to make sure they all work.

Are there enough closets and are they large enough?

Can you live with the view and the amount of light in the apartment?

Do the bathroom fixtures work? Are there any leaks?

Are there any rules against painting or making other modifications to the space? If you’re thinking about remodeling or redecorating, make sure there are no rule that prevent you (or your landlord may take it out of your security deposit).

Is there excessive street noise or noise from nearby apartments?

Is the apartment cable-ready? Make sure the apartment is wired to support your cable TV or high-speed Internet habits.
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july 2015 by ianmclaury
Deployment checklist | Django documentation | Django
The Internet is a hostile environment. Before deploying your Django project, you should take some time to review your settings, with security, performance, and operations in mind.

Django includes many security features. Some are built-in and always enabled. Others are optional because they aren’t always appropriate, or because they’re inconvenient for development. For example, forcing HTTPS may not be suitable for all websites, and it’s impractical for local development.

Performance optimizations are another category of trade-offs with convenience. For instance, caching is useful in production, less so for local development. Error reporting needs are also widely different.

The following checklist includes settings that:

must be set properly for Django to provide the expected level of security;
are expected to be different in each environment;
enable optional security features;
enable performance optimizations;
provide error reporting.
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january 2014 by ianmclaury
IBM Developer guidelines | Software accessibility checklist
Detailed checklist for general software applications (including SWT). Links to other checklists for web apps and Java 2 apps (ie, Swing).
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november 2008 by ianmclaury

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