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Tom Brady Shares His Old Resumé
Now he's one of the most recognizable men in the world. But back in 2000, Tom Brady was a kid fresh out of state school with no concrete plans, but a wealth of crappy summer-job experience. We've all been there, Tom.

This morning, Brady posted his post-college, pre-NFL resumé to Facebook:
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september 2014 by ianmclaury
Are women bad at math: Graphs refute.
Terri Oda is a mathematician who now works in computer science. She is also female. Weird, right? When people told her women were biologically unsuited to math, she used to draw a graph for them on the back of a napkin showing why this wasn’t statistically true. Because women like napkins. Finally Oda decided to put her napkin doodles into a slideshow with actual graphs, which is the clearest visual refutation of the "women are not biologically suited for math" theory I’ve ever seen. Charts and numbers and stuff: You should check it out. 
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august 2013 by ianmclaury
Gender contamination: when women buy a product, men flee. - Slate Magazine
A few years ago, an ad for Verizon’s Motorola Droid painted the iPhone as “a tiara-wearing, digitally clueless beauty pageant queen,” a “precious porcelain figurine of a phone,” and “a princess.” The Droid, meanwhile, was a “racehorse duct-taped to a Scud missile,” fast enough to “rip through the Web like a circular saw through a ripe banana”—at which point in the ad a banana explodes in a kind of orgy of male satisfaction. Got it. And earlier this year, when Google’s Sergey Brin gave a Ted talk boasting about the eyeglass/smartphone hybrid Glass, he criticized traditional smartphones for being “emasculating,” which was apparently code for physically limiting, socially isolating, and just plain lame. Could this be the germ of a future ad campaign? When even soda and smartphones have a gender, apparently anything can.
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august 2013 by ianmclaury

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