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DTU Robot Image Data Sets
Data for Evaluating Computer Vision Methods etc.
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7 weeks ago by ianchanning
Great Pacific garbage patch cleanup fails to collect plastic - comment
I tracked down the chain of sources cited by Wikipedia. tl;dr: Neither the 20% number nor the 90% number are actually substantiated by their citations if you follow the chain of references to its end.
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8 weeks ago by ianchanning
Neural Ordinary Differential Equations - author comments
Sure thing. A few years ago, everyone switched their deep nets to "residual nets". Instead of building deep models like this:

h1 = f1(x)
h2 = f2(h1)
h3 = f3(h2)
h4 = f3(h3)
y = f5(h4)

They now build them like this:

h1 = f1(x) + x
h2 = f2(h1) + h1
h3 = f3(h2) + h2
h4 = f4(h3) + h3
y = f5(h4) + h4
neuralnetworks  research  papers  hackernews 
9 weeks ago by ianchanning
BYU Holodeck
A high-fidelity simulator for deep reinforcement learning
deeplearning  reinforcementlearning  artificialintelligence  ai  research 
october 2018 by ianchanning
On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit
Most importantly, we have provided evidence that individuals vary in conceptually interpretable ways in their propensity to ascribe profundity to bullshit statements; a tendency we refer to as “bullshit receptivity”. Those more receptive to bullshit are less reflective, lower in cognitive ability (i.e., verbal and fluid intelligence, numeracy), are more prone to ontological confusions and conspiratorial ideation, are more likely to hold religious and paranormal beliefs, and are more likely to endorse complementary and alternative medicine.
bullshit  Psychology  research  ignoble 
october 2018 by ianchanning
Leo Breiman 1928--2005
Professor Breiman was a member of the National Academy of Sciences. His research in later years focussed on computationally intensive multivariate analysis, especially the use of nonlinear methods for pattern recognition and prediction in high dimensional spaces. He was a co-author of Classification and Regression Trees and he developed decision trees as computationally efficient alternatives to neural nets. This work has applications in speech and optical character recognition. He was the author of the textbooks Probability and Stochastic Processes with a View Toward Applications, Statistics with a View Toward Applications, and Probability.
decisiontrees  machinelearning  research  statistics  mathematics  randomforests 
september 2018 by ianchanning
Agda is a dependently typed functional programming language. It has inductive families, i.e., data types which depend on values, such as the type of vectors of a given length. It also has parametrised modules, mixfix operators, Unicode characters, and an interactive Emacs interface which can assist the programmer in writing the program.
haskell  functionalprogramming  mathematics  theorems  research 
september 2018 by ianchanning
Critical Thinking Versus Clinical Reasoning Versus Clinical Judgment
*Critical thinking* is the cognitive processes used for analyzing knowledge based on evidence and science {{138 Anonymous 2011}}, {{121 INACSL 2011}}. Critical thinking is a key skill or process integral for clinical reasoning {{137 Kuiper, R.A. 2004}}. Critical thinking can be measured through valid and reliable standardized, exams not specific to the discipline of nursing {{136 Simpson, E. 2002}}.

*Clinical reasoning* is the cognitive and metacognitive processes used for analyzing knowledge relative to a clinical situation or specific patient {{132 Banning, M. 2008}}. Clinical reasoning is a necessary cognitive and metacognitive component of clinical judgment in nursing {{133 Lapkin, S. 2010; 131 Simmons, B. 2009; 135 Lasater, K. 2011}}. Although there are currently no valid and reliable tools for the measurement, clinical reasoning can be developed within the practice of nursing through the use of decision-trees and algorithms {{131 Simmons, B. 2009}}, thinking aloud {{132 Banning, M. 2008}}, and reflective journaling {{135 Lasater, K. 2011}}.

*Clinical judgment* in nursing is the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective processes demonstrated through action and behaviors within the four subcategories or aspects of clinical judgment: noticing, interpreting, responding, and reflecting {{9 Tanner,C.A. 2006}}. Development of clinical judgment in nursing can be evaluated using the Lasater Clinical Judgment Rubric {{130 Mariani, B., Cantrell, M.A., Meakim, C., Prieto, P., Dreifuerst, K.T. 2012}}.
thinking  reasoning  research  papers  nursing 
april 2018 by ianchanning
ImageNet Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Alex Krizhevsky, University of Toronto
Ilya Sutskever, University of Toronto
Geoffrey E. Hinton, University of Toronto
neuralnetworks  deeplearning  research  papers  cnn  2012 
february 2018 by ianchanning
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