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Compounding Knowledge
The filing cabinet of knowledge stored in Warren Buffet’s brain has helped make him the most successful investor of our time. But it takes much more than simply reading a lot. In this article, learn how to create your own “snowball effect” to compound what you know into opportunity.
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14 days ago by ianchanning
Making Smart(er) Decisions And Avoiding Bad Ones
While we all like to be in the sexy industries, that desire shows an under-appreciation for the laws of thermodynamics. Smart companies like Berkshire Hathaway, guided by legendary investor Warren Buffett, understand that contrast is important. Sexy internet businesses are rarely effective, no matter how good they are, because the others are nearly just as good. What you want is contrast — to be the big fish in a small pond. And when you analyze the types of investments he’s made over the years, that’s what you find. If you’re going to compete with people, you want to compete with people who are way less sophisticated than you.
decisions  life  career  planning  productivity  Inspiration  blogs 
14 days ago by ianchanning
The Map Is Not the Territory
As Charlie Munger has pointed out, a good idea and the human mind act something like the sperm and the egg — after the first good idea gets in, the door closes.
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14 days ago by ianchanning
Words To Avoid in Educational Writing
@chriscoyier Read a great post by this person @chriscoyier about exactly this.

I also thou…
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19 days ago by ianchanning
OOPH: Data Inheritance

Generally, this is read as “access the property x on the object c.” Let’s instead read it as:

> Send the message x to the object c.
haskell  java  oop  tutorials  inheritance  blogs 
24 days ago by ianchanning
How To Be Successful
1. Compound yourself
2. Have almost too much self-belief
3. Learn to think independently
4. Get good at “sales”
5. Make it easy to take risks
6. Focus
7. Work hard
8. Be bold
9. Be willful
10. Be hard to compete with
11. Build a network
12. You get rich by owning things
13. Be internally driven
Inspiration  Business  samaltman  hackernews  blogs  work  career  life 
26 days ago by ianchanning
Why should I have written ZeroMQ in C, not C++ (part I)
C++ exceptions just didn't fill the bill. They are great for guaranteeing that program doesn't fail — just wrap the main function in try/catch block and you can handle all the errors in a single place.

However, what's great for avoiding straightforward failures becomes a nightmare when your goal is to guarantee that no undefined behaviour happens. The decoupling between raising of the exception and handling it, that makes avoiding failures so easy in C++, makes it virtually impossible to guarantee that the program never runs info undefined behaviour.
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9 weeks ago by ianchanning
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