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WeTransfer is a free service to send big or small files from A to B
file  transfer  web  sharing  filesharing  free  tool  interesting 
september 2014 by iamnoskcaj
Sizable, dynamic placeholder images featuring Nicolas Cage, with additional variations for grayscale and crazy/insane
html  image  images  placeholder  web  api  cage 
august 2014 by iamnoskcaj
Icon Fonts are Awesome
Because you can easily change the size
Because you can easily change the color
Because you can easily shadow their shape
Because they can have transparent knockouts, which work in IE6 unlike alpha transparent pngs.
Because you can do all the other stuff image based icons can do, like change opacity or rotate or whatever.
You'll be able to do things like add strokes to them with text-stroke or add gradients/textures with background-clip: text; once browser support is a bit deeper.
css  css3  font  fonts  web  design  webdev  icon 
may 2013 by iamnoskcaj
unhosted web apps 21: sessions
I've been following the unhosted movement since before the project had any code. This is cool stuff.
unhosted  web  decentralized  hosting 
may 2013 by iamnoskcaj
PhantomJS: Headless WebKit with JavaScript API
headless webkit, scriptable (javascript API). fast, native support for web standards, canvas, svg and more
web  webkit  dev  development  javascript  browser  badass 
may 2013 by iamnoskcaj
not available for iOS yet, but the Android app looks nice. Web interface is cool but limited.
google  keep  note  app  web  android 
april 2013 by iamnoskcaj
Typeplate : a typographic template starter kit
Frameworks make decisions for you about how to organize, structure and design a site. Pattern libraries don’t separate styling and markup, making them tough to use in a truly modular fashion. We weren’t satisfied, so we made a thing that doesn’t do that.

Typeplate is a “typographic starter kit”. We don’t make aesthetic design choices, but define proper markup with extensible styling for common typographic patterns. A stripped-down Sass library concerned with the appropriate technical implementation of design patterns—not how they look.
fonts  webfonts  typography  design  web 
march 2013 by iamnoskcaj
xip.io: wildcard DNS for everyone
xip.io is a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS
for any IP address. Say your LAN IP address is
Using xip.io, resolves to
www. resolves to
mysite. resolves to
foo.bar. resolves to

...and so on. You can use these domains to access virtual
hosts on your development web server from devices on your
local network, like iPads, iPhones, and other computers.
No configuration required!

How does it work?
xip.io runs a custom DNS server on the public Internet.
When your computer looks up a xip.io domain, the xip.io
DNS server extracts the IP address from the domain and
sends it back in the response.

Does xip.io cost anything?
Nope! xip.io is a free service from 37signals, the
creators of Pow. We were tired of jumping through hoops
to test our apps on other devices and decided to solve
the problem once and for all.
dns  development  web  tool  utility 
february 2013 by iamnoskcaj
mockups.jpg 1,200×592 pixels
iPad laptop iPhone website comp and style tiles
Design  web  mockup  comp 
february 2013 by iamnoskcaj
A Thorough Introduction To Backbone.Marionette | Smashing Coding
Backbone.js is quickly becoming the most popular framework for building modular client-side JavaScript applications. This is largely due to its low barrier to entry; getting started with it is super-simple. However, unlike Ember.js, Backbone, being so minimal, also leaves a lot up to the developer to figure out.
javascript  backbone  marionette  development  programming  web 
february 2013 by iamnoskcaj
You Need to Work With Smart and Talented People
Short blog post by Dave Gamache about the benefits of surrounding yourself with smart, talented, driven people (peers).
web  design  development  webdev  webdesign  inspiration  idea  process  peers  work 
may 2011 by iamnoskcaj
Skeleton: Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development
Skeleton is a small collection of CSS & JS files that can help you rapidly develop sites that look beautiful at any size, be it a 17" laptop screen or an iPhone.
framework  javascript  css  design  mobile  responsive  boilerplate  beautiful  simple  grid  development  webdev  web  dev 
may 2011 by iamnoskcaj
Pixel to Em Calculator
em  css  calculator  pixel  web  design 
march 2010 by iamnoskcaj
pattern tap
Design patterns for modern web design elements. Browse, save, organize featured styles, elements and the like (backgrounds, 404 pages, forms, signup pages/forms, lists, borders, thumbnails, logins, applications, articles, search, etc etc)
design  inspiration  ui  webdev  webdesign  web  dev  patterns  elements  style  themes 
march 2010 by iamnoskcaj
MockFlow - Online Wireframe Tool for Software and Websites
Super-easy Wireframing

Create and collaborate interactive UI mockups for your software and websites
design  development  web  webdev  webdesign  mockup  wireframes  ui  interface 
october 2009 by iamnoskcaj
In the Woods - Home
Lost in the Woods is the community blog of ThemeForest, an Envato marketplace. At ThemeForest you can buy or sell website templates and scripts for every purpose, from plain HTML/CSS templates to themes for popular CMS products like WordPress and Joomla. Items are created and sold by a huge community of authors from all over the world making it the leading open marketplace for web development!
On the blog we discuss web development news, site news, announce competitions and lots more. The blog is organised by Jeffrey Way, our official ThemeForest blogger, but anyone can contribute a post – this is a community blog after all! Contributors get a “Contributed Blog Post” badge on their marketplace account and links back to their ThemeForest profile. Find out more about contributing to this and other marketplace blogs in the wiki.
web  webdev  development  scripting  jQuery  javascript  html  css  coding  theming  cms 
october 2009 by iamnoskcaj
Script & Style
Index of scripting tut's, projects, modules, plugins, etc
scripts  scripting  design  develop  web  webdesign  webdev  javascript 
september 2009 by iamnoskcaj
aToolTip - A Simple jQuery Tooltip by Ara Abcarians
Lightweight (only 3kb uncompressed)
Easy to use
Choice of fixed, on click or follow mouse tooltip
Highly customizable
Compatable with Firefox 2.5+, Safari, Opera, Chrome and Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8
javascript  js  jQuery  tooltip  lightweight  web  webdesign  webdev  development  design 
september 2009 by iamnoskcaj
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: The Ad Graveyard
Rejected Print ad, 1999. Creative team: unknown. Agency: Alteon internal technical group. Client: Alteon internal marketing group. Cause of death: "Hahahah, that's great. You're kidding, right?" MORE »
rejected  ad  advertisement  advertising  print  web  funny  vulgar  marketing  tit  child  mouth  alteon  nortel 
september 2009 by iamnoskcaj
DNSCog - DNS reporting and diagnostic tools
DNSCog is a suite of free DNS diagnostics tools, including a comprehensive DNS analysis tool, WHOIS lookup, traceroute and DNS query.
dns  tools  utilities  web  web-based  troubleshooting  networking  bind  whois  dig  traceroute 
september 2009 by iamnoskcaj
Home | CKEditor
Version 3 of FCKEditor is now called "CKEditor". This is a wysiwig web-based editor, built with javascript, to use on any site, blog, etc. I used the FCKEditor module on a few Drupal sites, when clients demanded formatted text posts, but didn't want to learn any kind of markup.
web  development  webdev  wysiwig  editor  CKEditor  FCKEditor 
september 2009 by iamnoskcaj
The Art of Web ~ CSS: Transition Timing Functions
This article follows on from the related article on Animation using CSS Transforms and investigates the transition-duration and transition-timing-function properties which control, respectively, the duration and speed at which a transition is carried out.
css3  css  transition  timing  functions  badass  animation  transforms  transform  duration  transition-duration  exciting  web  webkit  safari  safari4  firefox  noie 
april 2009 by iamnoskcaj
About A List Apart
A List Apart Magazine (ISSN: 1534-0295) explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.
web  design  development  content  articles  magazine  blog  examples  tutorials  semantic  css  xhtml  dhtml  html  standards  inspiration  ideas  discussions  conversations  rulestheschool 
april 2009 by iamnoskcaj
Beta beat: Pukka 1.7 | Code Sorcery Workshop
I've had some enhancements to Pukka in the works for some time, but thanks to the launch of Delicious 2.0, I've been spurred into action to selectively put some of them into a release, as well as address some issues with the new platform. Chief among the latter is an update to allow post descriptions up to 1000 characters, or rather, to only warn when they are over 1000, not the previous 255, characters.

I'm releasing a beta of Pukka 1.7 that also includes the following:
delicious  osx  mac  apple  software  tool  utility  bookmarks  bookmarking  del.icio.us  web  api  webapp  favorite 
august 2008 by iamnoskcaj
Why Are Newspapers Screwed? Because They Don't Deliver News - Silicon Alley Insider
Why are newspapers screwed? Easy answer: Because ad dollars are shifting from newsprint to the Web. Self-perpetuating mediocrity cycle:Revenues decline, so they cut resources, which makes their product lousier, which makes their revenue decline. Repeat.
newspapers  print  industry  paper  papers  media  news  jobs  future  web  internet  newsprint  screwed  fucked  b0rked  hometown  googlenews  google  news.google.com 
june 2008 by iamnoskcaj
Matt Berseth's ASP.NET Demo Gallery
CNN Style Scrolling Ticker with the Marquee Toolkit Control
coding  html  ticker  scrolling  webdev  design  development  web 
june 2008 by iamnoskcaj
The Brooklyn Paper
The Brooklyn Paper offers FREE downloads of the print edition of their paper, right off their website. You will see a "Print edition (PDF) Link at the top. I'd link directly to it, but it looks like del.icio.us doesn't allow linking to files. Grr.
brooklyn  paper  download  web  publishing  printing  print  press  imissworkingatnewpapers  print-edition  pdf  cool  ishouldstartmyownnewspaper 
june 2008 by iamnoskcaj
Torbutton :: Firefox Add-ons
Neat firefox add-on for enabling and disabling the use of the TOR proxy, on the fly.
firefox  tor  security  anonymity  browsing  web  browser  browse 
october 2007 by iamnoskcaj
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