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Keep EU Citizenship legal challenge
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5 weeks ago by iaeon
Brexit hits UK science funding and workforce - BBC News
The first figures emerge demonstrating that Brexit uncertainty has adversely affected UK research.
science  funding  brexit  eu  uk  politics  economics 
8 weeks ago by iaeon
This General Election will determine the future of our country. We need to stop Boris Johnson’s dodgy Brexit deal before it is too late.
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12 weeks ago by iaeon
GetVoting.org - by Best for Britain
Find out who to vote for. #GetVoting, tactically. Together, we can stop Brexit.
tactical  tactical-voting  politics  uk  eu  election  voting 
november 2019 by iaeon
The fight to get citizenship for descendants of German Jews - BBC News
A UK lawyer says Germany is violating its constitution by denying citizenship to some descendants of Nazi victims.
citizenship  germany  uk  politics 
november 2019 by iaeon
What Europe does for me - #EUandME
How does Europe affect our everyday lives? How does it impact our jobs, our families, our health care, our hobbies, our journeys, our security, our consumer choices and our social rights? And how is Europe present in our towns, cities and regions?
europe  EU  benefits  brexit  politics 
november 2019 by iaeon
Why is billionaire George Soros a bogeyman for the hard right? - BBC News
if you haven't got an enemy invent one as fast as you can, make him look as powerful as possible and bingo - you mobilise your base and win elections with it.
soros  eu  uk  politics  nationalism  conspiracy  brexit 
september 2019 by iaeon
All issues | Compare the Brexit
A side by side comparison of the consequences of various Brexits
brexit  eu  uk  comparison  politics  economics  society 
september 2019 by iaeon
Does capitalism need saving from itself? | Financial Times
Gillian Tett on why bosses are buying into the idea of a purpose beyond profit
economics  politics  freedman  capitalism  reform  capital  shareholder  investor 
september 2019 by iaeon
HM Treasury analysis: the long-term economic impact of EU membership and the alternatives (Archived) - GOV.UK
Analysis of the long-term economic impact of EU membership and the alternatives has been published by the Treasury.
eu  uk  brexit  politics  report  membership  economy  impact 
august 2019 by iaeon
10 things that stopped Brexit happening - BBC News
An account of 10 crucial mistakes, mishaps and misunderstandings that might explain why the UK hasn't left the EU yet.
brexit  uk  eu  politics  bbc 
july 2019 by iaeon
The Brexit Syndicate – Who is taking back control?
While many of us were in shock and grief, those who had driven the campaign to leave the EU, many of whom had been planning this moment for 30 years, rapidly began organising to gain the maximum advantage for themselves and their causes. Following the central principle of disaster capitalism - ‘Never waste a good…
politics  brexit  eu  uk  corruption 
july 2019 by iaeon
The Empty Promise of Boris Johnson | The New Yorker
“Boris has the capacity to lose his way in a sentence, like a child in a nativity play. You want him to succeed, and when he does you share in his triumph,”
brexit  boris  borisjohnson  biography  politics  uk  eu 
july 2019 by iaeon
The New Right: how a Frenchman born 150 years ago inspired the extreme nationalism behind Brexit and Donald Trump
We are living through the latest battle in a 300-year long ideological war over the meaning of humanity itself.
nationalism  politics  brexit  uk  eu 
july 2019 by iaeon
Brexit Job Loss Index: 233,931 Jobs Lost As Of 29 May 2019
The Brexit Job Loss Index is an attempt to keep track of the number of jobs lost in the UK due to Brexit. Here are the key stats (last updated 29/05/2019).
brexit  jobs  employment  tracker  politics  eu  uk 
july 2019 by iaeon
A Short Guide to Britain’s Long Attempt to Leave Europe
Ian Dunt explains how Brexit has trapped the country in a morass of deception and delusion, and why the likely election of Boris Johnson as prime minister almost certainly means more of the same.
brexit  leave  politics  eu  uk  iandunt 
june 2019 by iaeon
Greta Thunberg: How one teenager became the voice of the planet | WIRED UK
When adults wouldn't listen, Greta Thunberg started to strike. Now millions of school children around the world follow her. Thunberg's generation is our best chance of saving the world
greta  gretathunberg  climate  politics  extinctionrebellion  climatechange 
june 2019 by iaeon
Lord Nardglach - LEAVER: I want an omelette. REMAINER:... | Facebook
LEAVER: I want an omelette.

REMAINER: Right. It’s just we haven’t got any eggs.

LEAVER: Yes, we have. There they are. [HE POINTS AT A CAKE]

brexit  cake  analogy  politics  uk  eu 
june 2019 by iaeon
Theresa May was a disaster as Prime Minister - CNN
the natural party of government to the exploding clown car of politics
may  brexit  politics  uk  eu 
may 2019 by iaeon
Future of Europe | European Commission
A roadmap, policies and activities on the main steps towards a more united, stronger and more democratic Union
eu  europe  future  politics  uk  brexit 
may 2019 by iaeon
Vote Remain | Remain Voter | Tactical voting
We'll help make your vote in the European Elections count, by helping select which Remain party to vote for.
eu  uk  politics  referendum  remain  euelections  brexit  vote  voting 
may 2019 by iaeon
Theresa May’s poisonous immigration legacy | Financial Times
The latest UK government scandal involves thousands of foreign students accused of cheating
immigration  politics  uk  eu  brexit 
may 2019 by iaeon
98 Reasons To Stay In The EU: Benefits Of Membership For The UK
With the Brexit deadline fast approaching and no deal in sight, we thought now might be a good time to take a look at 98 benefits of EU membership for the UK.
brexit  eu  uk  politics 
may 2019 by iaeon
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