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Situation update worldwide, as of 23 March 2020
See the latest information on the geographical distribution of COVID-19 cases globally. The data is updated daily.
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7 days ago by iaeon
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research - Our World in Data
This is our overview of the early research and data on the outbreak.
We update this page daily.
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7 days ago by iaeon
Hornsey and Wood Green 🇬🇧 REVOKE.info
Does Hornsey and Wood Green support revoking Article 50?
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april 2019 by iaeon
myeu.uk – see what the EU has done for you
The EU invests around £5 billion a year in the UK. Search by your address or postcode to see some of the investments near you.
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october 2018 by iaeon
Sign in | Datawrapper
Datawrapper is an open source tool helping everyone to create simple, correct and embeddable charts in minutes.
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september 2018 by iaeon
How to get twitter historical data?
Read 7 answers by scientists with 5 recommendations from their colleagues to the question asked by Askoum Koumtingue on Jun 5, 2017
twitter  tool  hashtag  data  historical  report 
september 2018 by iaeon
Home Page - Data Makes Possible
Western Digital® creates environments for your data to thrive. On your phone, in the cloud, across organizations. Explore what data makes possible.
data  magazine  science  big-data 
july 2018 by iaeon
GDPR Data Retention Quick Guide - Data Protection Network
To summarise the legal requirements, Article 5 (e) of the GDPR states that personal data shall be kept for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it is being processed. There are some circumstances where personal data may be stored for longer periods (e.g. archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes).

Recital 39 of the GDPR states that the period for which the personal data is stored should be limited to a strict minimum and ...
gdpr  data  retention  data-security  security 
may 2018 by iaeon
Cookies consent under the GDPR - EU GDPR Compliant
EU GDPR Compliant is the main source of information on the General Data Protection Regulation.
gdpr  data  privacy  security  cookie  cookies 
may 2018 by iaeon
Our World in Data
Only conflicts in which at least one party was the government of a state and which generated more than 25 battle-related deaths are included. The data refer to direct violent deaths. Deaths due to disease or famine caused by conflict are excluded. Extra-judicial killings in custody are also excluded.
data  economics  history  statistics  visualization  world  dataviz  reference  politics  eu  uk 
april 2018 by iaeon
How to make Matomo GDPR compliant in 12 steps
GDPR is coming into force on May 25th 2018 and you are wondering what do you need to do specifically for Matomo? Discover in this post how to be compliant in less than 10 minutes.
gdpr  privacy  compliance  data  security 
april 2018 by iaeon
Upthere – Home
Upthere is a new cloud computer that combines the creative power of our devices with the massive storage and compute power of the cloud. It enables us to store our entire digital lives—our photos, videos, music, and documents—in a single place that’s always accessible, growing, evolving, and ready to share.
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november 2015 by iaeon
KoBo JSON Rest API endpoints:

/api/v1/charts - List, Retrieve Charts of collected data
/api/v1/data - List, Retrieve submission data
/api/v1/stats - Summary statistics
kobo  API  data  export  exchange 
april 2015 by iaeon
The best apps. Better together. - Zapier
Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps.
automation  mashup  ifttt  sync  integration  service  tools  data 
march 2015 by iaeon
Website rankings
Simplified website statistics & valuation data
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july 2013 by iaeon

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