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Home – Brexit Brits Abroad - Researching Brexit's impact on UK citizens living in the EU27
This is the official webpage for BrExpats, a research project that uniquely examines what Brexit means for the 1.2 million Britons living in the EU27.
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References — Brexit: Is it worth it?
New facts are coming to light: even the Government's own figures say Brexit
will cost a fortune. Is it still worth it?
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8 weeks ago by iaeon
How Britain voted in the 2016 EU referendum
As we have for every general election since 1979, Ipsos MORI has produced estimates of how the voters voted in the recent EU referendum.
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8 weeks ago by iaeon
So, did 'soft Brexit' just win? - BBC News
A world where means Brexit, and a hard Brexit would mean the status quo...
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december 2017 by iaeon
Migration and migrant population statistics in EU-28 - The European Migration Network
European Union (EU) statistics on international migration, population stocks of national and foreign (non-national) citizens and the acquisition of citizenship
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december 2017 by iaeon
Brexit is a cry of financial pain
Correlation between economic hardship and Brexit vote
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october 2017 by iaeon
Still puzzled by the Brexit vote? Take yourself off to Blakenall Heath
Brexit logic in our deprived towns goes something like this: so what if the country collapses economically? At least then they will know what it feels like to be us
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october 2017 by iaeon
How I learnt to loathe England
A Dutchman reflects on what he’s learnt by living in Britain for the last six years—it isn’t pretty
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october 2017 by iaeon
Brexit is Britain’s gift to the world
‘The UK is now experimenting on itself for the benefit of humanity’
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september 2017 by iaeon
Brexit, the lie that came in from the cold, the lie that will deliver abject misery.
a faceless and secretive cabal operating a managed democracy intent on bypassing Parliament at any cost.
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september 2017 by iaeon
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