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Aquarelo on the Mac App Store
Improve and convert your colors
mac  app  colour  color 
january 2018 by iChris
Vaunt App
Get the dominant color from an image with this free app for Mac.
color  app  mac  design 
january 2017 by iChris
Window arrangement and resizing.
app  mac  osx  productivity 
january 2016 by iChris
Mind mapping, site map, content audit software to try.
apps  mac  software 
june 2015 by iChris
Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool & Crawler Software | Screaming Frog
The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a small desktop program you can install locally on your PC, Mac or Linux machine which spiders websites’ links, images, CSS, script and apps from an SEO perspective. It fetches key onsite elements for SEO, presents them in tabs by type and allows you to filter for common SEO issues, or slice and dice the data how you see fit by exporting into Excel. You can view, analyse and filter the crawl data as it’s gathered and updated continuously in the program’s user interface.
seo  tools  mac  app 
june 2015 by iChris
Unclutter for Mac
A new handy place on your desktop
for storing notes, files and pasteboard clips.
app  mac  osx  software 
june 2015 by iChris
Übersicht lets you run system commands and display their output on your desktop in little containers, called widgets.
desktop  mac  osx  software  widget 
may 2015 by iChris
Instead of Apple's Remote Desktop
mac  software  vnc 
july 2011 by iChris
Online Backup from Backblaze
$5/month for unlimited offsite backup
secure  offsite  recovery  backup  windows  mac 
october 2009 by iChris
Synching multiple video clips to one
mac  production  osx  finalcutpro  plugin  video  automation 
october 2009 by iChris
SVN Zapper | alexking.org
Recursive deletion of .svn folders
svn  subversion  mac 
august 2009 by iChris
Google Calendar CalDAV support - Calendar Help Center
How to setup iCal with Google Calendar CalDAV support.
ical  mac  tutorial  calendar  caldav 
october 2008 by iChris

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