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RT : Good article on & the industry by . Not a lot of new stuff, but good summary. Some…
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november 2017 by hypatia
Sexism in Tech: Don’t Ask Me Unless You’re Ready To Call Somebody a Whistleblower – Medium
(W props to @katylevinson for this on importance of supporting ppl who speak out as whistleblowers, specifically: )
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may 2017 by hypatia
Tech Impact - Ferguson Mentor
RT : We are seeking mentors for our upcoming 6-week workshop. Sign up to help mentor youth learn
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january 2015 by hypatia
Why 2014 was actually a positive year for women in tech
Great piece on what 2014 meant to women in tech from : (w quote from me :) )
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december 2014 by hypatia
Misogyny and the Marketing Chick — about work — Medium
We have lots of characters in tech. We use these characters to tell each other and ourselves stories about what technology is, what tech culture is, what innovation is, what our industry is. Lots of these characters are about geek revenge, about the continued dominance of the white man, about the ownership of technology and the money that comes with it by the privileged class.
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september 2013 by hypatia
Why The Sharing Economy Isn’t - Whimsley
RT : Taskrabbit, airbnb, lyft & co create a lobbying group, pretend it’s a collective ‘movement’ for the common good
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september 2013 by hypatia
Autoworkers of our generation - Greg Baugues
At this particular moment in history, demand for developers outpaces supply. There’s not enough staff to go around, so companies fight for talent: huge salaries, cool offices, flexible hours, in-house chef.
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august 2013 by hypatia

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