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New WikiLeaks Documentary ‘Risk’ Tries and Fails to Make a Point About Misogyny - Motherboard
RT : "The commonality between Assange, Appelbaum, and Trump is that they have all been accused of rape"
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may 2017 by hypatia
Is This the End of the Era of the Important, Inappropriate Literary Man?
In public, everyone says that Thomas Sayers Ellis, 52, formerly of Case Western and Sarah Lawrence, a visiting professor at the Iowa Writers Workshop this semester, is brilliant. Even the people who find him off-putting and unprofessional tend to agree. He’s charismatic and surprising, a protest poet, a real intellectual, unafraid to cause alarm. His style is enjambed, urgent, and rhythmically afire; in the late ‘80s, he founded the Dark Room Collective to promote writers of color, and he’s been known as an activist ever since. He attracts women; several women I talked to said he had “groupies.” But in late February, a group of women came together to say that he’s abusive, that he preys.
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march 2016 by hypatia
Untitled (http://gawker.com/who-wants-to-remember-bill-cosbys-multiple-sex-assaul-1515923178)
RT : Over a dozen women accused Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. And no one cared. WTF
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february 2014 by hypatia
Rape trend stories: Why they often publish with photos of drunk party girls.
"If an anti-rape organization were to ever direct some resources toward creating a Creative Commons photoset of improved options for illustrating stories like this one, I’d give them a donation."
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november 2013 by hypatia
Why cops don’t believe rape victims and how brain science can solve the problem.
In the past decade, neurobiology has evolved to explain why victims respond in ways that make it seem like they could be lying, even when they’re not. Using imaging technology, scientists can identify which parts of the brain are activated when a person contemplates a traumatic memory such as sexual assault. The brain’s prefrontal cortex—which is key to decision-making and memory—often becomes temporarily impaired. The amygdala, known to encode emotional experiences, begins to dominate, triggering the release of stress hormones and helping to record particular fragments of sensory information. Victims can also experience tonic immobility—a sensation of being frozen in place—or a dissociative state. These types of withdrawal result from extreme fear yet often make it appear as if the victim did not resist the assault.
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october 2013 by hypatia
The Myth of the Teenage Temptress: Or Why A Young Girl Can Not Consent to Sex With An Adult Man | xoJane
I was not coerced. I consented to all these sexual encounters in the basest sense of the world. But I was making choices that I wasn't emotionally equipped to make. Legally, that's why statutory rape laws exist. Because like an intoxicated person, an underage person is not truly capable of informed consent.
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september 2013 by hypatia
A chilling tale of rape and social psychology » Pharyngula
She was the victim, and what’s her concern? That she won’t be able to express herself sexually. That she will be locked out of the professional interactions needed to advance her career. We’ve seen that over and over, haven’t we? If a woman flirts at any time at all, it will be thrown in her face repeatedly if ever she tries to set boundaries. If she dares to protest casual sexism, she is going too far and must be silenced, or kicked out of the community.
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july 2013 by hypatia
Social Norms and the Likelihood of Raping: Perceived Rape Myth Acceptance of Others Affects Men's Rape Proclivity
Research showing that rape myth acceptance (RMA) causally affects rape proclivity (RP) was extended by examining the impact of RMA-related norms on RP.
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march 2013 by hypatia
Rape Jokes Are Not Funny |
There is additional important evidence from psychological studies into sexual assault that conclude rape jokes desensitise the topic, demean victims & normalise culprits.
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march 2013 by hypatia
Meet The Predators «
nice to place twitter names to face2 :) Here's a good (if depressing) summary of research I mentioned:
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july 2012 by hypatia

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