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Public Lecture: "Breaking into Open Source and Linux:... Tickets, Waterloo - Eventbrite
RT : See me speak at University of Waterloo on Nov 20!

"Breaking into and : a USB 3.0 success story"
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october 2014 by hypatia
Live Q&A With Outercurve Foundation President Jim Jagielski - Slashdot
RT : Have a question for Jim Jagielski, President of Outercurve Foundation? You can ask it live here:
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august 2013 by hypatia
I refuse to tolerate assholes
Yes, my computer won’t boot without code written by assholes. We shouldn’t be happy about that fact. This behavior is a blight on our community, and we should make it clear that it’s not acceptable.
noassholerule  foss  community  opensource 
march 2013 by hypatia
SourceForge.net: sleepyhead
@blowdart seriously though you should add that feature to
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january 2013 by hypatia
Geek Feminism Wiki
@rachelwalexande bottom right of has some getting started stuff
opensource  feminism  unlockingtheclubhouse  women  technology  compsci 
february 2009 by hypatia
The Low Point -- Jeremy Allison Column Archive -- Column 10
Jeremy Allison of Samba weighs in on the "civilizing" influence of women in FOSS as well as "mach geek madness"
womeninfoss  unlockingtheclubhouse  women  gender  programming  opensource 
january 2008 by hypatia
Linux for… Ladies?
with a great quote about why adding "ladies" makes just about everything creepy :)
feminism  gender  opensource  genderinopensource  unlockingtheclubhouse 
december 2007 by hypatia

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