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A Dozen Things I’ve Learned About Investing from Howard Marks | 25iq
7.  “The future does not exist. It’s only a range of possibilities. We have to understand that most outcomes will be determined by luck.”  *Every* great investor in this “Dozen Things” series of blog posts thinks in terms of expected value. There are no exceptions. Howard Marks: “The expected value from any activity is the product of the gains available from doing it right multiplied by the probability of doing it right, minus the potential cost of failing in the attempt multiplied by the probability of failing.”
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november 2013 by hypatia
Seeing Both Sides: Due Diligence Reveals All - To The VC
In these trying economic times, entrepreneur should expect that the due diligence process will become more rigorous.  Further, the competitive power has shifted to the sources of capital (i.e., VCs), which means deals will likely move slower and more deliberately than in the past.  Remember, the deal isn’t done until the money is wired and the VC will be evaluating you and your actions all along the way.
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june 2013 by hypatia

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