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Epidemic of Violence against Health-Care Workers Plagues Hospitals - Scientific American
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In response to 80% of nurses reporting being attacked on the job.
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The Able-ist Gaze: Imagining Malingering - The Feminist Wire | The Feminist Wire
Brilliant: "the gaze of doubt, the able-ist gaze which makes my body either abject or deceitful"
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» Healthcare.gov and the Gulf Between Planning and Reality Clay Shirky
RT : "the waterfall method amounts to a pledge by all parties not to learn anything while doing the actual work"

"If I had to design a litmus test for whether our political class grasps the internet, I would look for just one signal: Can anyone with authority over a new project articulate the tradeoff between features, quality, and time?"

"Like all organizational models, waterfall is mainly a theory of collaboration. By putting the most serious planning at the beginning, with subsequent work derived from the plan, the waterfall method amounts to a pledge by all parties not to learn anything while doing the actual work. Instead, waterfall insists that the participants will understand best how things should work before accumulating any real-world experience, and that planners will always know more than workers."
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Sara Horowitz’s Freelancers Insurance Company: How she created a company to provide health benefits to contract workers. - Slate Magazine
Sara Horowitz was born into a proud union family. Her father worked as a labor lawyer, her grandfather as a vice president of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union. So it felt like kismet when, on the first day of a new law firm job, Horowitz discovered that she and several other recent hires had been classified as independent contractors. “We weren’t given retirement or health insurance benefits. We called ourselves ‘the transient workers union,’ and I was made president. We joked about it, but for me it was a significant aha! moment. I started realizing there was this whole new way that workers were being treated.”
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