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Sexism in Tech: Don’t Ask Me Unless You’re Ready To Call Somebody a Whistleblower – Medium
(W props to @katylevinson for this on importance of supporting ppl who speak out as whistleblowers, specifically: )
geekfeminism  sexism  culture  tech  whistleblowing 
may 2017 by hypatia
Salesforce CEO Takes Radical Step To Pay Men And Women Equally
RT : My job is to make sure that women are treated 100% equally in pay, opportunity, advancement:
geekfeminism  gender  wagegap  womenintech  from twitter
april 2015 by hypatia
Tech Nazi Halo — Medium
"Exploitation of sexual shame and frustration is the bread and butter of authoritarian movements and the internet provides opportunity in abundance."
geekfeminism  authoritarianism  fascism  gamergate 
january 2015 by hypatia
Many machines on Ix - On Tone Policing Linus Torvalds, or Linus Torvalds...
"It’s the bluster of a bully,some1who can’t or won’t discuss a disagrmnt on = terms, bc he think he doesn’t have to."
geekfeminism  harassment  bullying  linux 
january 2015 by hypatia
One Day, I Will Die on Mars | Motherboard
Great science fiction about an Uber dystopia from @ftrain:
fiction  geekfeminism  capitalism  sf 
november 2014 by hypatia
55 works of iconic Indian writer released on Wikisource under a free licence « Wikimedia blog
RT : This is the largest book collection of an individual writer released
under CC-BY-SA 4.0 in any Indian language:

[tagging with geekfeminism because intersectionality!]
geekfeminism  literature  kannada  from twitter
november 2014 by hypatia
What women in technology really think (150 of them, at least) - Julia Evans
RT : This set of responses on how women devs think about their workplaces is the best thing I've read in a very long time:
geekfeminism  gender  research  from twitter
november 2014 by hypatia
The Other Side of Diversity — Medium
RT @kronda: Go read that article @ericajoy wrote. Right now.
geekfeminism  diversity  culture  engineering  tokenism  racism 
november 2014 by hypatia
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