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Instant Pot Chicken Recipes for a Fast, Easy Meal | Greatist
@jewelia and this was shared in a slack i'm in's #food recently:
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april 2018 by hypatia
RT : Instagram foods vs. Dutch Masters still life foods. Cod filets get no love.

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april 2017 by hypatia
The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater
Also, people around the world are starving because the U.S. grows too much corn. It doesn’t actually make that much sense when you say it like that, but you read it on a blog. And anyway, everyone does agree that corn is Satan’s grain. Unless wheat is.
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july 2013 by hypatia
Canadian Organic Wild Rice at NorthBayTrading.com - Free Shipping Over $99
Canadian Organic Wild Rice — naturally grown and wild harvested in Canada's pristine northern lakes.
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