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Women and Minorities Are Penalized for Promoting Diversity
Why ally work matters: "Women and Minorities Are Penalized for Promoting Diversity"
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april 2016 by hypatia
Why The Gender Leadership Gap Is So Much Worse For Women Of Color
"no amount of leaning in can close the systemic gender gap in the top ranks of organizations"
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march 2016 by hypatia
The Other Side of Diversity — Medium
RT @kronda: Go read that article @ericajoy wrote. Right now.
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november 2014 by hypatia
Women and Minority Leaders Are Penalized For Fostering Diversity, Study Finds
@moscaddie Eg in perf reviews women + minorities are punished for advocating for diversity, men are rewarded
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july 2014 by hypatia
Why Won't Twitter Announce Its Diversity Numbers?: SFist
RT @DiversityData: “We’re not announcing anything at the moment.” --@twitter () Tell them you expect better!
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july 2014 by hypatia
A checklist of stupid things men will say when they find out I only retweet women - Anil Dash
RT : Took a few hours, but I think dudes have checked every box on the "stupid responses to my retweet policy" Bingo card:
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february 2014 by hypatia
McKinsey Tries to Recruit Mothers Who Left the Fold - WSJ.com
And in a 2010 McKinsey report, female senior executives cited the "double burden syndrome" of balancing motherhood and work as the main obstacle to women attaining more top roles in companies.
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april 2013 by hypatia

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