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siderea: [p/a/s, biz/econ, sysdyn, Patreon] Massless Ropes, Frictionless Pulleys: Coordinative Communication
Information is free as in libre but not gratis: "Massless Ropes, Frictionless Pulleys: Coordinative Communication"
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may 2015 by hypatia
Men Just Don’t Trust Women. And This Is A Problem » VSB
I keep thinking about this post from a while back re: the email gender-swap experiment that went viral two wks ago:
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may 2015 by hypatia
Cleaning My Virtual Room
"Now I've reached 143, that old pager code for "I love you," and am reminded of that old saw, "Work is love made visible.""
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january 2014 by hypatia
Women Speak Drastically Less When They're Surrounded by Dudes. And That's Bad.
Perhaps most significantly, it just goes back to that hoary old double standard—when men speak up to be heard they are confident and assertive; when women do it we're shrill and bitchy. It's a cliche, but it's true. And it leaves us in this chicken/egg situation—we have to somehow change our behavior (i.e. stop conceding and start talking) while simultaneously changing the perception of us (i.e. asserting that assertiveness does not equal bitchiness). But how do you assert that your assertiveness isn't bitchiness to a culture that perceives assertiveness as bitchiness? And how do you start talking to change the perception of how you talk when that perception is actively keeping you from talking? Answer: UGH, I HAVE NO IDEA.
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september 2013 by hypatia
Triggers: Rands In Repose
There are three situations that can easily trigger members of your team.They involve: title, compensation, and location. That’s right. The title on a business card, the amount of money someone receives, and where they sit. In my career as a leader of humans, I have spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning up where a lead has underestimated the trigger impact of a seemingly unimportant discussion regarding title, compensation, and location.
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may 2013 by hypatia
Someone you know ill? Watch what you say, and to whom - latimes.com
"It's not?" Susan wondered. "My breast cancer is not about me? It's about you?"
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april 2013 by hypatia

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