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The secrets of the world's happiest cities | Society | The Guardian
RT : A person w/ a 1hr commute has to earn 40% more money to be as satisfied with life as someone who walks to the office
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november 2013 by hypatia
Is Working At Google Actually Terrible For Your Career? | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
We tend to massively underestimate the compounding returns of intelligence. As humans, we need to solve big problems. If you graduate Stanford at 22 and Google recruits you, you’ll work a 9-to-5. It’s probably more like an 11-to-3 in terms of hard work. They’ll pay well. It’s relaxing. But what they are actually doing is paying you to accept a much lower intellectual growth rate. When you recognize that intelligence is compounding, the cost of that missing long-term compounding is enormous. They’re not giving you the best opportunity of your life. Then a scary thing can happen: You might realize one day that you’ve lost your competitive edge. You won’t be the best anymore. You won’t be able to fall in love with new stuff. Things are cushy where you are. You get complacent and stall. So, run your prospective engineering hires through that narrative. Then show them the alternative: working at your startup.
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november 2013 by hypatia
How to fix the looming shortage of skilled security professionals | CSO Blogs
We don't need more security professionals. We need to distribute the workload, shifting responsibility to others to free up resources to tackle new challenges. Ultimately, those new solutions get pushed out to others, too, in a natural, healthy cycle.
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november 2013 by hypatia
Management: a rant | We'll see | Matt Zimmerman
RT : This one has been brewing for a while: a rant on management
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november 2013 by hypatia
Autoworkers of our generation - Greg Baugues
At this particular moment in history, demand for developers outpaces supply. There’s not enough staff to go around, so companies fight for talent: huge salaries, cool offices, flexible hours, in-house chef.
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august 2013 by hypatia
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