MDZS Chapters79+ translation
chiaki_himura's English translation, from c79 onwards. Much better than the other one.
mdzs  translation 
4 days ago
museaway: "keeping rabbits" (Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian, 3,641 words)
Bored stiff during a trip home to the Cloud Recesses, Wei WuXian’s plans for a day of drinking are ruined when he gets his soul stuck in a rabbit. Unable to reverse the spell, he can only wait to be found, relieved when it's Lan Zhan who discovers his unconscious body hours later, only Wei WuXian isn't prepared for his reaction.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  post-canon  established-relationship 
5 days ago
t_why: "morning routine" (Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian, 2,199 words)
Wei Wuxian pretends to be asleep so that he can enjoy Lan Wangji’s morning affections. To his surprise, it actually works.
It's mostly innocent gestures, though it eventually leads to both of them realizing they want morning sex. And Lan Xichen being a subtle troll.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  post-canon  established-relationship  domestic 
5 days ago
frith_in_thorns: "We are all still standing" (Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, 3,680 words)
Episode 33 tag/missing scene.

Shen Wei wakes up on a bench and things go slightly downhill from there.
fic  guardian  shen-wei/zhao-yunlan  episode-related  hurt/comfort 
6 days ago
MDZS Audio Drama
Engsub direct download links
mdzs  resources 
6 days ago
Stashed Storage Jars
The "STUFFS" one for R lmao
7 days ago
Titans_R_Us: "A Ribbon Beats a Red String of Fate" (LWJ/WWX, 16,844 words)
Did you know if you pull a Lan Sect member's ribbon off you have to marry them? Everyone knows how strict the Lan Sect is about rules. Everyone.
This is fun, but the character writing makes a lot more sense if you pretend that it's xxxHolic fic.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  crack 
8 days ago
parasolghost: "A Flower in Bloom (or Wei Wuxian Crashes a Party)" (LWJ/WWX, 30,185 words, NC-17)
Post-canon; Wei Wuxian is banned from attending the New Year's banquet, so he crossdresses to get in. This fic turned out sweeter and more earnest than expected (...WWX’s female persona is called Jiang Feihua). I like how WWX gets to be possessive about LWJ in a really vulnerable way, while Jiang Cheng does his best for family.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  established-relationship  humor  post-canon  possessiveness 
8 days ago
shoutowo: "married men" (LWJ/WWX, 1,547 words)
Lan Wangji wakes up. He does not recognize the man in front of him.

or, the obligatory fic based off of the video where the man forgets his wife after surgery except it’s wangxian
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  humor  fluff  amnesia 
8 days ago
shoutowo: "of rabbits and men" (LWJ/WWX, 10,821 words)
wei wuxian turns into a rabbit. he deals with it, which is to say he doesn’t.

set in some canon divergence where guanyin temple confession doesn't happen so they aren't together in post canon just yet .
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  animal-transformation 
8 days ago
etymologyplayground: "Strange Darling" (LWJ/WWX, 6,723 words)
Lovely post-Yi City interlude. Fic follows the compressed CQL timeline but everything else is novel-compliant.

Lan Wangji takes SL/XXC's tragedy personally. Wei Wuxian tries to give him space, and Lan Wangji has to learn to communicate that he wants the opposite of space. I love it because they're figuring out how to talk about their feelings but there are still gaps that LWJ isn't ready to fill. It's really sweet, especially the part where SL/XXC was #relationship goals for both of them.

Features: LWJ!paperman, hair-braiding, cuddling, and highly concerned juniors.
fic  mdzs  cql  lwj/wwx  episode-related  cute  favorite 
11 days ago
miyuns: "sweet tooth" (LWJ/WWX, 5,654 words)
Modern AU where Wei Wuxian is a florist and his childhood friend Lan Wangji works in the bakery across the street.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  modern-AU  fluff 
11 days ago
chinxe: "critical path analysis" (LWJ/WWX, 14,333 words)
Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are the two top detectives of the Gusu PD's ninety-ninth precinct.

It really is a shame they can't stand each other.

(Or so Detective Wei thinks).
B99 AU!
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  fusion  modern-AU 
12 days ago
chinxe: "gravitational potential" (LWJ/WWX, 1,113 words)
Wei Wuxian thinks Lan Wangji deserves to be swept off his feet.

It's a...work in progress.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  post-canon  established-relationship  fluff  humor  cute 
12 days ago
Latios: "Something Real" (LWJ/WWX, 5,246 words)
Lan Wangji texts a photo of his rabbits to the wrong number. Surprisingly, he keeps texting them.
fic  mdzs  modern-AU  lwj/wwx  fluff 
12 days ago
lazulisong: "I don't like your boyfriend (I think you need a new one)" (LWJ/WWX, 2,637 words)
Modern AU LWJ/WWX, Lan Xichen POV. First fic is about Lan Wangji being uncharacteristically late to lunch and Lan Xichen having to rescue him from a Situation, second fic is about Lan Wangji taking Wei Wuxian to a fancy Gusu Lan party.
fic  mdzs  modern-AU  lwj/wwx  outsider-POV  established-relationship 
12 days ago
chinxe: "asymptotic" (LWJ/WWX, 26,675 words)
The members of the Lan Clan have never been particularly well-known for their good judgement when it comes to matters of the heart.

Which is why it should come as a surprise to no one when Lan Wangji falls in love with an actual ghost.
Beautiful canon-divergent fix-it where Wei Wuxian is never adopted by the Jiang clan and grows up as a rogue cultivator who gets torn up by fierce corpses at the age of 15. Lan Wangji plays Inquiry every week to help along the stranded souls. One day Wei Wuxian answers. The fic follows the novel timeline, except Wei Wuxian meets Lan Wangji as a ghost. Happy ending!
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  canon-divergent  favorite 
13 days ago
retts: "soft and sweet figures" (LWJ/WWX, 3,411 words, NC-17)
Post-novel LWJ/WWX take a bath together. Smut, then fluff and hair-brushing.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  post-canon  established-relationship  fluff 
13 days ago
retts: "too much love will kill you" (LWJ/WWX, 3,283 words)
Mafia AU: Lan Wangji gets abducted. Wei Wuxian brings a sword to the gunfight.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  modern-AU  humor  established-relationship 
13 days ago
chinxe: "resonant frequencies" (LWJ/WWX, 15,942 words)
Lan Wangji says nothing for a few moments. When he does speak, his voice is very soft. “Pretend?”

“Yeah, of course! Don’t worry, Lan Zhan, it’s not like I actually have feelings for you or anything.” Wei Wuxian laughs in a way he hopes betrays nothing of the nerves twisting in his gut. Lan Wangji is probably going to say no. Even worse, he’ll say how disgusted he is at the very thought of dating Wei Wuxian -

“I will do it,” Lan Wangji says.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  modern-AU  fake-dating 
15 days ago
chinxe: "phase boundaries" (LWJ/WWX, 6,437 words)
Jiang Cheng thinks that Wei Wuxian would be a much better ghost hunter if he'd stop flirting with the cameraman for more than five minutes.

(The cameraman who may or may not be a demon.)
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  modern-AU  humor  pining  fluff 
15 days ago
chinxe: "facilitated diffusion" (LWJ/WWX, 3,609 words)
Wei Wuxian is a cute delivery worker. Lan Wangji's wallet suffers accordingly.
fic  mdzs  humor  fluff  lwj/wwx  modern-AU 
15 days ago
sarahyyy: "indecent exposure" (LWJ/WWX, 1,392 words)
Lan Zhan has sent you a video.

Wei Wuxian sighs. “Lan Zhan ah, Lan Zhan,” he groans. “How are you going to pretend you didn’t do anything embarrassing if you’re going to send me evidence of you being a bad drunk?”
fic  mdzs  modern-AU  humor  lwj/wwx 
15 days ago
ThirtySixSaveFiles: "i want your heart to be for me" (LWJ/WWX, 8,989 words)
Not everyone is lucky enough to find their soulmate in their lifetime; Wei Wuxian is just unlucky enough to find his. Twice.
Soulmates AU. I'm just here for the angst. :)
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  AU:soulmates  angst  pining 
15 days ago
misscam: "The (Several) Convenient Kidnappings of the Chief Cultivator by the Yiling Patriarch" (LWJ/WWX, 3,920 words)
“Yes, Clan Leader Jiang. It is most regrettable, but the Yiling Patriarch has once again kidnapped His Excellency. However, we have every confidence in His Excellency’s safe eventual return.”

“Of course you do,” Jiang Cheng says bitterly. “You get a more agreeable Chief Cultivator, and everyone is happy, right? You are all so happy the Yiling Patriarch kidnaps the Chief Cultivator on a regular basis. How can you not delight in the fact that Wei Wuxian has no shame and is revered for it? Aren’t you all thrilled, thrilled, that Lan Wangji is such good friends with Wei Wuxian that they spend so many friendly nights together and His Excellency returns like a lovesick fool afterwards and is so conveniently more agreeable?”


“I hate you all,” Jiang Cheng declares and stomps off.
Post-CQL ending but with their novel relationship: Wei Wuxian shows up regularly to kidnap Lan Wangji from his duties.
fic  cql  mdzs  lwj/wwx  post-canon  established-relationship  humor 
15 days ago
misscam: "Wei Wuxian’s Kidnapping Back and Forth Farce (Starring Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji)" (LWJ/WWX, 5,521 words)
Truly, only Wei Wuxian could manage to get himself into a kidnapping back and forth farce. Jiang Cheng just wants to mend things. Lan Zhan just wants to start things. Neither is willing to let the other have the last say when it comes to Wei Wuxian, and Wei Wuxian... Well. He’d rather like to have both a (to-be) husband and a brother, actually. (Or in which Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji kidnap Wei Wuxian back and forth until Wei Wuxian has had it.)
mdzs  cql  fic  lwj/wwx  jiang-cheng  post-canon  humor 
15 days ago
Suspicious_Popsicle: "WEI WUXIAN, VAMPIRE HUNTER" (LWJ/WWX, 7,460 words)
Wei Wuxian is determined to prove that Lan Wangji is a vampire; Lan Wangji quietly enjoys the attention. Cracky fluff. LWJ's POV is just him blue-screening all of the time whenever WWX is around and it is SO cute.
fic  mdzs  AU  lwj/wwx  fluff  humor  misunderstandings  cute 
15 days ago
ThirtySixSaveFiles: "i'd be all right (if i could just see you)" (LWJ/WWX, 16,839 words)
The younger Lan brother is something of an enigma on campus; while Lan Xichen can sometimes be seen in the company of other graduate students or conducting a seminar, Lan Wangji appears to spend all his time in class or in the library. He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t smoke. He doesn’t attend social events. He doesn’t do anything for fun, as far as Wei Wuxian can tell, and it’s driving Wei Wuxian just a little bit up the wall.

Or, Wei Wuxian convinces Lan Wangji to come to a house party, and then they're assigned to the same group project. Wei Wuxian tries his best, but he is not in possession of all the facts.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  AU:university 
17 days ago
Suspicious_Popsicle: "A Little Happiness" (20,087 words)
I passed this over so many times because the summary told me nothing, but it's actually a very lovely post-canon deaging fic. Lan Wangji gets hit by a spell that reverts him to his 6-year-old self, and Wei Wuxian pulls out all the stops to let him experience a happy and normal childhood. Light angst, but it's so sweet to watch LWJ get attached to and protective of WWX and re-learn how to break the rules for him. Meanwhile, WWX is prepared to lose his husband permanently to the deaging spell if it means that LWJ can have a second chance at life.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  deaging  kid!fic  established-relationship  post-canon  favorite 
17 days ago
Bird_of_Dreams: "the wei to the kingdom (is through the prince's heart)" (4,210 words)
It was supposed to be a simple tournament held to celebrate the Kingdom of Gusu’s recent victory over the Wen Kingdom. Wei WuXian has no idea how it suddenly derailed into a free-for-all contest for Second Prince Lan WangJi’s hand in marriage.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  pining 
18 days ago
lily_winterwood: "and so my heart beats wildly" (LWJ/WWX, 106,635 words)
“You know, you’re the one to beat this year,” Jiang Cheng offers helpfully, having seen the glare from right next to him. “Hanguang-jun’s been through juniors with the rest of us, he knows all of our tics. You’re an unknown variable, since he’s never competed against you before.”

“Thanks,” says Wei Wuxian drily. “That’s very comforting.”

Or: five nighthunting competitions where Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji were rivals, and one where they weren't.
Modern-day sports AU where cultivation/nighthunting is a legitimate sport that happens in huge Hunger Games-style tournaments.
fic  mdzs  lwj/wwx  longfic 
18 days ago
Ceta: "from me to you" (LWJ/WWX, 14,612 words)
Wei Too Cool ✓ @wei-wuxian
correct me if i’m wrong but i’m pretty sure that’s a love song @LanWangJi #AtFirstSight

Or; Three-time Golden Globe recipient Wei WuXian and seven-time Grammy award recipient Lan WangJi’s love story through the eyes of the internet.
mdzs  lwj/wwx  fic  AU  AU:celebrities  outsider-POV 
26 days ago

韩文清 + 张新杰 🤣 好可爱~ 🥰
qzgs  tyranny  batu  fanart 
4 weeks ago
My parents’ cat inexplicably LOVES peaches
RT : My parents’ cat inexplicably LOVES peaches, and it’s the most delightful thing. They send regular picture updates t…
cats  from twitter_favs
7 weeks ago
riventhorn: "Then and Now" (3,078 words)
Things are different now that Natsume lives with Touko and Shigeru.
fic  natsume-yuujinchou  hurt/comfort 
7 weeks ago
taizi: "So the castle that we built won't cave" (1,772 words)
Natori's movie screening + Natsume's friends + Natsume's cousins
fic  natsume-yuujinchou 
7 weeks ago
Brand Colors
Official brand color hex codes
palettes  design  resources 
8 weeks ago
Examples of fonts used effectively
typography  resources  blog  design  showcase 
8 weeks ago
ria_green: "The Ace, or Three Times Prince Learns Something New About Kakeru" (1,739 words)
Prince reads enough manga to instantly peg Kakeru as the lone genius type.

Eventually, Kakeru proves him wrong.

[Gen, friendship, light Haiji/Kakeru]
Lovely Prince POV of his friendship with Kakeru with bonus clubbing shenanigans.
fic  kazetsuyo  gen 
10 weeks ago
Evangelion Tarot Cards (thread)
RT : Evangelion Tarot Cards (1/6)

These are so good, just dripping with symbolism.
tarot-cards  evangelion  merch  from twitter
11 weeks ago
gixi_ninja: "A night in" (CZ/LL, NC-17, 1,261 words)
Chi Zhen loves pain but he’s going to crawl off Lu Li’s lap and punch him across the face if they don’t get to the fucking soon.
Domestic PWP with the sweetest ending.
fic  original-sin  established-relationship  domestic 
11 weeks ago
Katseester: "June Bride" (Natsume/Tanuma, 3,680 words)
Tanuma stumbles into a plot to resurrect an old, dead king, and Natsume is somehow at the centre of it.
Feels like something like a sequel to the Omibashira arc: Natsume gets embroiled in another youkai plot and this time Tanuma has Natsume's consent to help. Features some hand-holding, yelling, and 2 teenage boys just doing their best.
fic  natsume-yuujinchou  natsume/tanuma 
12 weeks ago
NightsMistress: "Three for Family" (3,564 words)
The more Touko hears about Natsume Takashi, the more confused she becomes. The stories she hears are of a selfish child acting out for attention, or worse, but all she can see is a sad, lost child in need of a place to put down roots so that he can settle his mind.
fic  natsume-yuujinchou  gen  fujiwara-touko  fujiwara-household 
12 weeks ago
NightsMistress: "Cicada Hunt" (5,918 words)
Upon learning that Natsume never went hunting for cicadas as a child, Kitamoto and Nishimura will accept nothing less than showing Natsume how it's done. Of course, it doesn't quite go the way anyone planned it but that's all right too.
Poignant and episodic with a dose of youkai encounter. The way the fic uses the A-plot as a space for Natsume to map his growth and let his new relationships take root feels particularly compliant with the anime.
fic  natsume-yuujinchou  gen 
12 weeks ago
catalysticskies: "The Whispering Forest" (Natsume/Tanuma, 3,527)
There are many stories about why one shouldn’t ever enter the woods to the north, and while Tanuma does not pay much heed to these stories, he withholds his curiosity for his father’s sake. That is, until he finds the cat.
Over the Garden Wall-inspired AU where Natsume, exiled by the town for being strange and magical, lives in the woods and Tanuma stumbles into his house one day. I like the prose a lot, it's like listening to a bedtime story. Atmospheric and enchanting.
fic  natsume-yuujinchou  natsume/tanuma  gen 
12 weeks ago
persepoline: "Invocation Theory" (Matoba/Natori, NC-17, 4,062 words)
Seiji loathed sentimentality, felt nothing short of disdain for showy displays of affection in bed - so Natori lavished it upon him, just to see him squirm.
Excellent dialogue and character writing. Matoba is SO weird and creepy about Natori's gecko and they're so cute and in love!!!! Entertaining and really really sweet established relationship fic, highly recommend.
fic  natsume-yuujinchou  matoba/natori  established-relationship  domestic 
12 weeks ago
darkcyan, meguri_aite: "crossroads" (Matoba/Natori, 6,879 words)
Canon!Natori bodyswaps with AU!Natori who is literally sleeping with the enemy. Interesting outsider's POV to a Matoba/Natori relationship. Especially since the outsider is Natori himself.
fic  natsume-yuujinchou  matoba/natori  established-relationship 
12 weeks ago
O&M Home
Personalized/monogrammed tableware. Fancy, minimum 2k for each piece/set. For housewarmings/weddings.
june 2019
LifeSaver Watch
The watches look pretty nice, and proceeds go to cancer patients. ~P250-300. For T. And LYH crew on Christmas.
june 2019
meguri_aite: "The Summoning" (Matoba/Natori, 6,796)
Excellent casefic featuring clan in-fighting; pre-relationship. Natori finds Matoba bleeding out in his living room and agrees to help him find his assailant.
fic  natsume-yuujinchou  case-fic  matoba/natori  pre-slash 
june 2019
Truth: "Teenagers are Not as Subtle as They Think" (2,075 words)
The first time someone asked her if she had children, she’d paused, taken by surprise. Of course not. Not yet. It took time, didn’t it? She stopped noticing the question after a while. “No, not yet,” she’d respond, with a small smile of anticipation.
fic  natsume-yuujinchou  gen  fujiwara-touko 
june 2019
junko: "A Quiet Winter's Night" (3,519 words)
Nyanko-sensei has come home drunk again. Will the empty sake bottle he left behind cause Natsume a world of trouble?
This is really more about Natsume's relationship with the Fujiwaras, and the mutual effort to be a family together. It's very warm, with the Madara sake conundrum moving the fic along.
fic  natsume-yuujinchou  gen  fujiwara-household 
june 2019
codango: "The kitsune's kiss" (Natsume/Tanuma, 4,308 words)
Futurefic where Tanuma is studying in Tokyo while Natsume works for Natori. A kitsune impersonates Tanuma. Natsume has to confront his feelings + Tanuma or else succumb to a curse. The pining is GREAT.
fic  natsume-yuujinchou  natsume/tanuma  future!fic  pining 
june 2019
darkcyan: "Winter Ritual" (1,070 words)
Natsume's youkai friends convince him to help out with a very important winter ritual.
Spoiler: the ""ritual"" is a snowball fight, and Natsume's human friends join in.
fic  natsume-yuujinchou  fluff  humor  gen 
june 2019
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