Introducing the Facebook Field Guide to Machine Learning video series – Facebook Research
The Facebook Field Guide to Machine Learning is a six-part video series developed by the Facebook ads machine learning team. The series shares best real-world practices and provides practical tips about how to apply machine-learning capabilities to real-world problems. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are in the headlines everywhere today, and there are many resources…
facebook  machine-learning  lessons  tutorials  video 
2 days ago
AutoKeras: The Killer of Google’s AutoML – Towards Data Science
Google AI has finally released the beta version of AutoML, a service that some are saying will change the way we do deep learning entirely. Google’s AutoML is a new cloud software suite of Machine…
machine-learning  keras  library 
2 days ago
Superfast authoring of open data websites using Observable and Vega-lite
Until recently, building websites with interactive data content was time consuming and required substantial technical expertise. Authoring professional-looking web content was out of reach for many…
observable  web-development  interactive 
2 days ago
Statistical Significance Explained – Towards Data Science
As the dean at a major university, you receive a concerning report showing your students get an average of 6.80 hours of sleep per night compared to the national college average of 7.02 hours. The…
statistics  awesome 
2 days ago
Biomimetics of Nervous System Emergence: Nature's Patents - Part III
In the preceding two posts on the biomimetics of nervous system evolution (check out Part I and Part II here) we looked at the basic concepts of bio-inspiration, new computational methods for biology and design. We also touched on ideas from the complexity sciences that relate both to biological and technological systems.
neural-network  biomimicry 
2 days ago
bbli/ml_board: a machine learning dashboard that displays hyperparameter settings alongside visualizations, and logs the scientist's thoughts throughout the training process
a machine learning dashboard that displays hyperparameter settings alongside visualizations, and logs the scientist's thoughts throughout the training process
machine-learning  dashboard 
2 days ago
Evolutionary algorithm outperforms deep-learning machines at video games - MIT Technology Review
Neural networks have garnered all the headlines, but a much more powerful approach is waiting in the wings.
neural-network  evolution 
2 days ago
Interactive Machine Learning List
A collaborative list of interactive Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Statistics websites.
machine-learning  deep-learning  statistics  examples  interactive 
2 days ago
Mapping the blockchain for science landscape – Hacker Noon
Science, in essence, is a principled way of selecting the best ideas based, not on who proposed them, but how well they match the scientific data. In its ideal form, this process is open and…
blockchain  scientific-data-management 
2 days ago
Introducing Electron Fiddle – Felix Rieseberg – Medium
We're introducing "Electron Fiddle", a code playground for Electron developers. This post explains its main features – and why we built it.
electron  development  tool 
2 days ago
Oculus Rift or HTC Vive: Which Headset is Better for Architects?
If you're going to buy a VR headset for your architecture firm, there are a few things to consider when choosing between the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. We outline the differences between the two and what you'll need to get started.
virtual-reality  head-mounted-displays  architecture 
5 days ago
Building a Big Data Platform for Agriculture
Dr. Medha Devare, a data architect, discusses the importance of data management for implementing the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture.
5 days ago
Computer and Network Systems (CNS): Core Programs (nsf18569) | NSF – National Science Foundation
Results Dissemination Plan: Proposals submitted to this solicitation must describe plans to ensure that the research results produced will be made available to the extent necessary to validate the findings independently, as indicated in the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) Chapter XI.D.4.

Data Management Plan: The data management plan must also describe steps to ensure that relevant software and hardware artifacts, data and the results are available (for a re...
data-management  nsf  proposals 
7 days ago
Top 20 Python AI and Machine Learning Open Source Projects
Use these open source projects to get started with machine learning and artificial intelligence today.
python  machine-learning  libraries 
8 days ago
Creating and hosting a basic web application with Django and | Codementor
A Django tutorial showing how to build a web application using We look at location detection and dynamically show the current weather at visitors' physical locations.
django  tutorial  replit  python3 
8 days ago
[1804.02527] Visual Analytics for Explainable Deep Learning
Recently, deep learning has been advancing the state of the art in artificial intelligence to a new level, and humans rely on artificial intelligence techniques more than ever. However, even with such unprecedented advancements, the lack of explanation regarding the decisions made by deep learning models and absence of control over their internal processes act as major drawbacks in critical decision-making processes, such as precision medicine and law enforcement. In response, effort...
visual-analytics  deep-learning 
8 days ago
Tracking Progress in Natural Language Processing | NLP-progress
Repository to track the progress in Natural Language Processing (NLP), including the datasets and the current state-of-the-art for the most common NLP tasks.
11 days ago
Generating Random Data in Python (Guide) – Real Python
You'll cover a handful of different options for generating random data in Python, and then build up to a comparison of each in terms of its level of security, versatility, purpose, and speed.
python  random 
12 days ago
MixedRealityCompanionKit/SpectatorView at master · Microsoft/MixedRealityCompanionKit
This is a MixedRealityToolkit style repository for code bits and components that may not run directly on Microsoft HoloLens or immersive headsets but instead pair with them to build experiences.
hololens  spectator-view  mixed-reality 
14 days ago
How to get the right data? Trying asking for it. – Towards Data Science
While the technical skills of data science — think modeling with a gradient boosting machine — get most of the attention, other equally important, general-purpose problem-solving abilities can be…
data-science  data-management 
15 days ago
Using LSTMs to forecast time-series – Towards Data Science
There are several time-series forecasting techniques like auto regression (AR) models, moving average (MA) models, Holt-winters, ARIMA etc., to name a few. So, what is the need for yet another model…
time-series  machine-learning 
19 days ago
Berkeley Lab-Developed Digital Library is a Game Changer for Environmental Research
Developed by Berkeley Lab researchers, ESS-DIVE is a new digital archive that serves as a repository for hundreds of U.S. Department of Energy-funded research projects under the agency’s Environmental System Science umbrella.
20 days ago
Move Mirror: An AI Experiment with Pose Estimation in the Browser using TensorFlow.js
Pose estimation, or the ability to detect humans and their poses from image data, is one of the most exciting — and most difficult — topics in machine learning and computer vision. Recently, Google…
motion-capture  browser  tensorflow 
23 days ago
OlafenwaMoses/ImageAI: A python library built to empower developers to build applications and systems with self-contained Computer Vision capabilities
A python library built to empower developers to build applications and systems with self-contained Computer Vision capabilities
computer-vision  library  python 
23 days ago
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