VIKUS Viewer: Explore cultural collections along time, texture and themes
VIKUS Viewer is an advanced web-based visualization system that arranges thousands of cultural artifacts on a dynamic canvas and supports the exploration of thematic and temporal patterns of large collections, while providing rapid access to high-resolution imagery.

museum  collection  visualization  web-application  online 
6 days ago
How Vimeo can power live streaming holograms on Vimeo
We live streamed a 3D hologram in real time using Vimeo Live, and it was awesome.
depth-sensing  video  3d-reconstruction  streaming 
7 days ago
RuleMatrix: Visualizing and Understanding Classifiers using Rules | MING Yao
Yao Ming, Huamin Qu, and Enrico Bertini

RuleMatrix is an interactive visualization technique that helps users understand the input-output behavior of machine learning models. By viewing a
machine-learning  tool 
7 days ago
Deploy Your First Deep Learning Model On Kubernetes With Python, Keras, Flask, and Docker
This post demonstrates a *basic* example of how to build a deep learning model with Keras, serve it as REST API with Flask, and deploy it using Docker and Kubernetes. This is NOT a robust, production…
kubernetes  tutorials 
13 days ago
h5glance · PyPI
Explore HDF5 files in an HTML view
20 days ago
Why building your own Deep Learning Computer is 10x cheaper than AWS
The machine I built costs $3k and has the parts shown below. There’s one 1080 Ti GPU to start (you can just as easily use the new 2080 Ti for Machine Learning at $500 more — just be careful to get…
deep-learning  computer  hardware 
23 days ago
Recording JavaScript Animations with timecut – Steve Tung – Medium
So you’ve toiled away on your web animation, carefully crafting transitions, tweaking visual effects, and now you want to share it with the world. You could post the direct link to your page, but you…
javascript  recording  web-applications 
28 days ago
Spack, a Lab-Developed 'App Store for Supercomputers,' Becoming Standard-Bearer
The reasons for Spack’s popularity among the HPC community, Gamblin said, are twofold. Most system package managers require users to run with superuser privileges, which is fine for most developers because they own their machines. But HPC machines are shared, he explained, and Spack can install a lot of low-level software as a regular user in their home directory.

“For the HPC space it definitely fills a gap,” Gamblin said. “People needed something that could install custom packages...
4 weeks ago
(PDF) Simulation Validation Using Metamorphic Testing (WIP)
PDF | Model validation is an inherently difficult task, as we often lack an oracle that defines correct behavior. Without an oracle it is difficult to apply results validation to determine if the model matches the system being studied. Although there are other techniques that do...
scientific-computing  testing 
4 weeks ago
Nature-Inspired Computing | Physics and Chemistry-Based Algorithms | Taylor & Francis Group
Nature-Inspired Computing: Physics and Chemistry-Based Algorithms provides a comprehensive introduction to the methodologies and algorithms in nature-inspired
biomimicry  algorithms 
5 weeks ago
tensorflow/data-validation: Library for exploring and validating machine learning data
TensorFlow Data Validation is a library for exploring and validating machine learning data. tf.DataValidation is designed to be highly scalable and to work well with TensorFlow and TensorFlow Extended (TFX).

TF Data Validation includes:

Scalable calculation of summary statistics of training and test data.
Integration with a viewer for data distributions and statistics, as well as faceted comparison of pairs of features (Facets)
Automated data-schema generation to describe expectati...
5 weeks ago
RJT1990/mantra: A high-level, rapid development framework for machine learning projects
A high-level, rapid development framework for machine learning projects - RJT1990/mantra
6 weeks ago
Demystifying Convolutional Neural Networks – Lightning Blade – Medium
Simply put, a Convolutional Neural Network is a Deep learning model or a multilayered percepteron similar to Artificial Neural Networks which is most commonly applied to analyzing visual imagery. The…
convolutional  neural-network 
6 weeks ago
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