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CSS Writing Mode
In the above design, we have a section title that is rotated 90deg around the top left of it’s origin. If you want to this without CSS writing-mode, we need to do the following:

Create a positioning context for the wrapper element by adding position:relative.
Position the title absolutely by adding position: absolute.
Change the transform origin based on how we want to rotate it. In our case we want to change it to the top left corner, so we add transform-origin: left top.
Rotate the title by adding transform: rotate(90deg).
Finally, we need to add some padding on the left side of the wrapper element in order to prevent the overlap between the section title and grid items.
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august 2016 by horshacktest
The Weekly Iteration: Readline
Other useful tricks: Control-l clears the screen (you may have a conflict if you use vim-tmux-navigator). Readline has an undo feature! Control-_ undoes the last action, which can be extremely useful if you're editing a long line and make one change too many.

Readline has its own copy-paste functionality, but be aware that in Emacs/Readline that "yank" has the opposite meaning that it has in vim, in that it refers to the pasting action rather than the copying action. Yanking can be performed with Control-y to paste the last killed text and Meta-_ to paste the last argument of the previous command.
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august 2016 by horshacktest
IntelliJ IDEA Pro Tips — Medium
Sometimes when you’re making quick changes to code, you want to immediately see how they will behave in a working application. Unfortunately, the Java HotSwap VM has lots of limitations: you can’t, say, add a new method or a field to a class and perform the hot swapping; the only thing you can actually change during the hot swapping is the method bodies.
Luckily, there is a way to amend this situation with the new open-source project Dynamic Code Evolution VM, a modification of Java HotSwap VM with unlimited support for reloading classes at runtime.
Using it in IntelliJ IDEA is easy with the dedicated plugin. When you enable the plugin, the IDE will offer you to download DCEVM JRE for your environment. Then you’ll have to choose it in the list of alternative JREs.

Update application
If you running your application on an application server (e.g. Tomcat, JBoss, etc), can you reload changed classes and resources using the Update application action via Ctrl+F10 (Cmd+F10).

Note, that reloading resources is only available if you deploy your application as an exploded WAR artifact.
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february 2016 by horshacktest
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Tip 4:
Override UA Styles to inherit from its parents.

Form controls like buttons, inputs get styled by the browser in a certain way. Overriding them with inherit makes them adapt to your own styles.
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october 2015 by horshacktest
Railo WEB-INF and roots — Railo Blog
Many people asked us how to secure the WEB-INF folder and/or how to move generated files from the WEB-INF folder to a different position.First of all it's good to know that Railo supports directory placeholders that can be used in the railo-web.xml[.cfm] and railo-server.xml. The directory placeholders are described in the following blog post.
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april 2012 by horshacktest
Adjusting Audio Dynamics in VLC
One aspect of its flexibility that is not well utilized by many VLC users is its ability to manipulate the audio dynamics of the media it is playing. In other words, the Volume Normalizer can be configured to compensate for loud and quiet variations of a movie, podcast, or segment of music. Such a feature is very useful when using VLC in a loud environment: on an airplane, in a busy cafe, in an office area, or on a street. Some VLC users in schools, watching pre-recorded lectures, may need the audio dynamics set to provide clarity in a sound sensitive environment. The audio compression then automatically controls loudness to prevent distraction to others who may be nearby.
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march 2012 by horshacktest
Enabling Vertical (\G) Output in the MySQL Client | Slaptijack
One problem with the MySQL command line client is that queries with lots of columns tend to wrap crazily based on your terminal size. To overcome this, you can get a vertical output by terminating your queries with \G instead of ;. I find this format extremely helpful in cases where I know only one row will be returned. By way of example, here’s the output of a query that shows the last IP to be inserted into the Spam Karma 2 blacklist for this website. When I originally ran this query, it wrapped multiple lines on my screen and was very difficult to read. What an improvement!
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september 2010 by horshacktest
Eric's Archived Thoughts: Better PDF File Size Reduction in OS X
using the Quartz filter in OSX to have control over sizer and quality
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february 2010 by horshacktest
Modify default custom print settings in 10.5 and 10.6 - Mac OS X Hints
This hint allow you to modify the default printing preset, that is, the preset selected by default for an already-installed printer. It all happens (in 10.5) in the file named com.apple.print.custompresets.plist in your user's Library/Preferences folder. In 10.6, the file name is more complex:
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february 2010 by horshacktest
10.6: Take advantage of automatic Screen Sharing shortcuts
When you connect to any system via Screen Sharing in 10.6, a .vncloc file is automatically created within your user's Library/Application Support/Screen Sharing folder. (Copying this folder to any 10.5 system will also work, but you'll need to manually update it.) Clicking on any of these .vncloc files immediately launches Screen Sharing and connects to the selected system.
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february 2010 by horshacktest
5-Step Drupal Distributions | Lullabot
In version 5, Drupal added Installation Profiles (sometimes also confusingly called distribution profiles) to its list of features. An installation profile is basically nothing more than a list of required modules and a variety of configuration code which gets performed during installation to give Drupal a bit more oomph out of the box.
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june 2009 by horshacktest
Send files faster with X-Sendfile | John Guenin
good idea for serving protected files without tying up your App framework
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may 2008 by horshacktest
MySQL Optimization - A Little Tip
"When I first started programming, it made sense to me to select from the main table (tableA) and join the lookups. But once you add some data to the mix and start to play with Explain, you quickly realize that selecting from the limiting table can make y
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august 2007 by horshacktest

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