Serious Eats' Halal Cart-Style Chicken and Rice With White Sauce Recipe | Serious Eats
Just make the rice, just make the chicken or just make the sauce - all is delicious. Go easy on mayo in sauce and don't use sugar. Use TJ's chicken shawarma for a quick dinner with rice.
recipes  winner 
10 weeks ago
Roasted Tomato Caprese Salad Recipe | Ina Garten | Food Network
These roasted tomatoes are SO GOOD. Used very mediocre roma tomatoes - amazing flavor. Made a caprese sandwich with them. Delish
recipes  sandwiches  winner  pasta 
september 2018
flapjacks – smitten kitchen
UK flapjacks = US bar cookie. Kind of like a digestive.
recipes  dessert  tailgating 
september 2018
Chickpea Vegetable Bowl with Peanut Dressing Recipe on Food52
Delicious! Dressing is awesome. Use 1/2 head of cabbage.
recipes  salad  sides  winner 
september 2018
Rigatoni with Easy Vodka Sauce Recipe | Bon Appetit
Delicious! Made with gnocchi. Very flavorful sauce.
recipes  pasta  winner 
september 2018
Marinated Zucchini with Hazelnuts and Ricotta Recipe | Bon Appetit
SO GOOD. Added more ricotta but left everything else the same.
recipes  summer  sides  winner 
june 2018
Baked Fish With Sesame and Ginger Recipe - NYT Cooking
Salt well. double the ginger and sesame oil, 130 for 45 mins
recipes  sousvide  asian 
march 2018
Italian Chicken Soup with Parmesan Dumplings | Cook's Illustrated
Let the breadcrumbs soak longer than 30 mins. They need more time to reconstitute.
recipes  winter 
january 2018
siriously delicious: Chicken & Rice Soup with Chiles & Ginger
Used rotisserie, so I added all ingredients at once. Added mushrooms. It took me way more than 6c water, but maybe because mushrooms. Added 1tsp of ginger to broth when it was done. Just alright.
recipes  winter 
december 2017
Chunky Beef, Cabbage and Tomato Soup (Instant Pot or Stove Top) | Skinnytaste
Add 1/2 tsp garlic powder or a couple cloves, 1 tsp italian seasoning, 1 tsp sage, 2T brown sugar, 1T apple cider vinegar & pepper

recipes  winter  winner 
november 2017
Pressure Cooker Mushroom Risotto Recipe | Serious Eats
Sauteed chanterelles before, did not add to IP. No cream, but added truffle oil & parm after the NPR.
recipes  fall 
november 2017
Smothered Pork Chops | Cook's Illustrated
Don't add the bacon back to the pot after rendering it. Too bacony.
recipes  winter  fall 
november 2017
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